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    In the southern part of Texas, near the town of San Anton.
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Hello, my name is Cyph, not short for cyphilis. Its an old character name, and I never got around to changing my profile, so shut up about it.

Please note that my characters do not necessarily reflect my own views, religious, political, or otherwise.

Feel free to comment on my characters, but if you’re just going to insult it without leaving any comments on how to fix it then you probably shouldn’t.

Primary Character:
Name: Daniel of Evercroft
Race: “Human” (From a dimension where humans age slower. For all intents of purposes besides his longevity he is a human)
Hair: Light brown
Eyes: Green ( Right eye is grey )
Skin: lightly tanned
Age: looks about 23

He does not usually enjoy other people’s company, however if he finds someone intriguing he will remain with them till he either loses interest in them, or grows closer to them.
He has honed his mind for years to resist suggestion, persuasion, and interrogation.

Notable Features:
Has a scar over his right eye, reaching from his hairline down to his jaw.
His right eye is almost blind, which makes his depth perception horrible.

He has a specialized sword strapped on his back, about 5 feet in length. The blade’s point curves back at an acute angle, making it able to slash and pierce with ease.
Has a short blade about 1 foot long strapped to his right leg.
He wears a suit of mithril, sewn between two layers of leather. The armor is thin around the joints, allowing for ease of movement.

Due to being from another dimension he vibrates on a slightly different frequency making his physical presence unstable at times.
Able to sense dimensional energy, rifts and gateways, and enter through them at a cost to his physical well being, the weaker the rift/gateway, the more energy and life force he must expend to be able to go through it.
His shadow is sapient and can telepathically communicate with him.
It cannot physically affect the environment, and it must stay within the area that a shadow would normally be. (Specifically where Daniel blocks light with his body)

A warrior from another dimension, he is a hardened veteran and fought in a great war, during this war a wizard cast a spell on him that sent him into a different dimension, when this happened he appeared near his other self, the paradox that occurred destroyed his other self and turned him into Daniel’s shadow.
The spell that the wizard cast altered his physiology, making him more susceptible to dimensional energies, this enabled him to enter into rifts and the nexus, and travel through these to enter other worlds.

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