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Play Pocket Starships Pocket Starships Aug. 19, 2014
@Degeneration_X :: close and restart your browser as it's a kongregate wide problem. That should fix the issue you are having.
Play Pocket Starships Pocket Starships Aug. 19, 2014
A game of endless mining and fighting PvE pirates because nothing short of the third tier ships can seem to do anything in PvP. The pop-ups that show up in the middle of the screen blocking your abily to see anything while fighting in a sector are too obtrusive, and should be smaller and off to the side and NOT directly over the ship obscuring most of the screen. I won't even mention that the missions were glitched and did NOT even show up until I was way past the level needed in order to actually do them. Having to spend 70 solar to skip a quest that was impossible to do because of a game glitch is, well, there are no words. Players being able to disconnect to avoid getting killed in PvP....seriously, you don't have a 30 second timer for that??? Even WoW forces your character to stay in the area if it's not a safe zone for 20-30 seconds to prevent players from abusing a disconnect mechanic.
Play ZoneEnder Shooter 2 ZoneEnder Shooter 2 Aug. 17, 2014
The scoring system isn't rounded off and the game window keeps going white....
Play Ultra Avoider 3: Path Ultra Avoider 3: Path Aug. 17, 2014
Kinda interesting, surprisingly enough considering everything else he's put on here.
Play The environment game The environment game Aug. 16, 2014
I can see why this is at the bottom of the site....over-sensitive controls.
Play Is it possible? Is it possible? Aug. 16, 2014
I think it's trying to communicate using a rudimentary form of language. Kill it with fire.
Play You Think You Can Win? You Think You Can Win? Aug. 15, 2014
So this is what a game written by a 2 year old looks like. I always wondered...
Play Valthirian Arc Valthirian Arc Aug. 14, 2014
@DarkShadowXX :: There's only one difficulty level and two modes. The badges had to be on the Official Mode because the other is Sandbox mode.
Play Hood Episode 3 Hood Episode 3 Aug. 14, 2014
The only thing of interest in this game was the pumpkin. Everything else nets a grand total of 0/5.
Play Pocket Starships Pocket Starships Aug. 11, 2014
What new mission?????? I cannot read the minds of the devs who just leave it blank.
Play The Competitor The Competitor Aug. 07, 2014
I guess, but no way of getting BACK to the main menu???
Play Pixel Pixel Aug. 07, 2014
So random, and trying to intentionally shoot at anything is nearly impossible. The only thing that seems to work is spinning around in circles hoping to hit something and running over everything else that you have no hope of ever hitting.
Play Line Fighter Line Fighter Aug. 06, 2014
Has potential, I guess.
Play The Groovy Dance Party Game Featuring The Groovy Button The Groovy Dance Party Game Featuring The Groovy Button Aug. 04, 2014
Play Fixation Fixation Aug. 03, 2014
Play Lost Magic Lost Magic Aug. 02, 2014
Looks interesting before starting, however, a lot of the text is still in Russian meaning I'm blinding clicking dialogue options without knowing what I'm clicking. Mostly I'm guessing the top one will eventually lead to an "accept" or "complete" option and blindly clicking things that light up without much of a clue. It's like when I played Perfect World-MY with it's badly translated English: it wasn't easy figuring out what or where I was supposed to do/go for quests. I might take another look at this one later, but for now....not really interested.
Play Faultline Faultline Jul. 31, 2014
Some of the levels were a pain.
Play Raze 2 Raze 2 Jul. 23, 2014
The transparent background on the upgrades page makes it really hard to read. <
Play Several Journeys of Reemus Chapter 4 Beastly Blackhole of  Bureaucracy Several Journeys of Reemus Chapter 4 Beastly Blackhole of Bureaucracy Jul. 22, 2014
Play Elements Elements Jul. 19, 2014
Overall, I don't like the game. I play creatures, but I cannot block. The board position dictates that attacking would be a horrible idea, but I have no choice but to attack regardless. Trying to build a deck with more than one resource type just feels like a really bad idea since every card only wants to use X of a single type unless the off-type is only for activated abilities or you only use low cost cards of the off-type. I don't even want to get into the issues of not getting any resource cards in the opening draw with no option of a mulligan: even decks with a balanced ratio can have bad draws. The player should be allowed to decide if they are going to attack or not attack