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Play Raze 2 Raze 2 Jul. 23, 2014
The transparent background on the upgrades page makes it really hard to read. <
Play Several Journeys of Reemus Chapter 4 Beastly Blackhole of  Bureaucracy Several Journeys of Reemus Chapter 4 Beastly Blackhole of Bureaucracy Jul. 22, 2014
Play Elements Elements Jul. 19, 2014
Overall, I don't like the game. I play creatures, but I cannot block. The board position dictates that attacking would be a horrible idea, but I have no choice but to attack regardless. Trying to build a deck with more than one resource type just feels like a really bad idea since every card only wants to use X of a single type unless the off-type is only for activated abilities or you only use low cost cards of the off-type. I don't even want to get into the issues of not getting any resource cards in the opening draw with no option of a mulligan: even decks with a balanced ratio can have bad draws. The player should be allowed to decide if they are going to attack or not attack
Play Game of Thrones Ascent Game of Thrones Ascent Jul. 16, 2014
It's just so slow and takes so long to do anything. It might not be so bad if I could simply queue stuff, but I cannot so it is. In Evony I could tell the barracks to produce 100 infantry units, and come back some time later and they'd be in the barracks. Here I'd have to queue up 1, wait for that one to finish, queue up the next 100 times. In this game it'd be the equivalent of queueing up 1 wood to be produced, waiting for a single item to be finished, then queuing up the next etc etc. Doing something that way is....well, there are no words.
Play Spectromancer: Gathering of Power Spectromancer: Gathering of Power Jul. 14, 2014
Resource denial is not fun to deal with. I'd hoped it would stay in the long forgotten past of MtG.
Play Plunder Mars Plunder Mars Jul. 13, 2014
Cute game.
Play Solarmax 2 Solarmax 2 Jul. 12, 2014
Once the black faction joined in the game went from fun to not fun rather quickly. I don't mind a game getting more difficult as it progresses, but a difficulty spike like that is unwarranted and unnecessary.
Play Mighty Knight Mighty Knight Jul. 12, 2014
Too much of a PITA to bother with.
Play StrikeForce Kitty StrikeForce Kitty Jul. 12, 2014
@skymaru :: A red X means that costume doesn't have an item that goes there. The only meaningful performance boost came from turning the quality to low, and it was still bad. I really have no idea what he means when he says he improved the performance.
Play Highgrounds Highgrounds Jul. 11, 2014
How irritatingly pointless making it so it's impossible to do anything.
Play Clash of Cards Clash of Cards Jul. 10, 2014
If I buy cards from the store....they get added to the deck. If I open the deck the cards are doubled and it thinks there are more than 4 copies of a card forcing a refresh of the page. If I enter a duel.... it goes to what I guess is where you play the duel and nothing happens, at all, and the duel doesn't seem to even start. Hitting ESC gives you the "You Win" screen and it glitches back to where ever you were before that. Essentially, it doesn't even look like it works.
Developer response from daizor

Hey! Thanx for the report. Actually i could not reproduce those bugs(( Try to refresh the game page. Btw, there is a limit only 4 same cards in one deck. Feel free to write me if you find those bugs again!

Play Tyrant Unleashed Tyrant Unleashed Jul. 10, 2014
@ drowz :: To turn off the sound click the "Deck" button, and the music and sound options are there, just click the buttons to turn it off.
Play Tyrant Tyrant Jul. 10, 2014
Energy is a way to get players to spend money to buy more energy. If the game would be BS without energy, then it's BS with energy because it's the same game. I understand why they have it, and I'm not saying they shouldn't.
Play SideQuest SideQuest Jul. 09, 2014
Can you get a new security certificate as the current one expired on the 3rd of July? I had to make a security exception for the one you currently are using which isn't something I like having to do.
Play I Was Hungry But There Were Cannons I Was Hungry But There Were Cannons Jul. 08, 2014
omg....hilarious "h...I'm dead"
Play The Valley Rule The Valley Rule Jul. 07, 2014
Skullface is a walk-in-the-park by comparison to the wall-jumping required here.
Play The Valley Rule The Valley Rule Jul. 07, 2014
The game definitely feels like it was written in less than 72 hours.
Play Yu-Gi-Oh! BAM Yu-Gi-Oh! BAM Jul. 07, 2014
Very simple gameplay, very similar to Vanguard.
Play StrikeForce Kitty StrikeForce Kitty Jul. 04, 2014
The game is slow and unresponsive. Possibly due to trying to keep track of all the mobs in the entire level at the same time? I honestly think there is too much unneeded overhead eating up cycles and causing lagg issues with the game.
Play MegaDrill MegaDrill Jul. 01, 2014
@qwertyuiopazs: Diamonds, in real life, are artificially scarce, not naturally scarce: they are one of the most common gems and are only worth a lot because the companies that own the diamond mines only release a small percentage at a time to keep the prices for diamonds up. If all of the diamonds mined were actually released on the market they would be worthless compared to what they are currently worth.