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Play Bit Battles Bit Battles Jul. 27, 2015
I stopped caring when the game started spawning enemies with laser rifles.
Play RPG MO Sandbox RPG MO Sandbox Jul. 26, 2015
The game is super buggy, and is stuck at fishing on tutorial island.
Play Cube Escape: Harvey's Box Cube Escape: Harvey's Box Jul. 26, 2015
Games of "Guess what the dev is thinking" aren't all that entertaining.
Play Time Clickers Time Clickers Jul. 25, 2015
Gabers, you're simply collecting them during the run until you end the current run with the Time Warp ability. Then you get the Time Cubes to actually spend on Artifacts to make the next run faster.
Play Time Clickers Time Clickers Jul. 23, 2015
Maxor, except I specifically said "For example" at the beginning of the sentence. At no point did I say or imply that it was the most you can buy with Max Level.
Play The Money Makers The Money Makers Jul. 22, 2015
I really get tired of having games I've never heard of spamming me with "Come play" messages forcing me to block them.
Play Notebook Space Wars 2 Notebook Space Wars 2 Jul. 21, 2015
Homing Rockets create almost intolerable lag yet the game requires them for bosses because you cannot maneuver anywhere except on the side because there isn't enough space between the large projectiles that are almost covering the entire area. And so much lag. The only aspect of the game I liked was the music, that is it.
Play Doodle God Doodle God Jul. 20, 2015
That got old fast.
Play Notebook Space Wars 2 Notebook Space Wars 2 Jul. 20, 2015
What a grindy lagg-fest we have here...
Play 3 Slices 3 Slices Jul. 20, 2015
I could keep hitting my head against the brick wall, but the hard badge isn't worth the headache for those last few points.
Play Time Clickers Time Clickers Jul. 19, 2015
Maxor, I was pointing out a specific use for Max Upgrade when you are in the middle of a run actively keeping tabs on the game. At that point Max Upgrade can be used exactly as I described to upgrade 100 levels at a time or 125 levels. If you play the game and put the upgrade selection on Max Upgrade and watch the levels available, you'll see that this is correct. I know that Max Upgrade can upgrade more levels than that, but only if you can afford that. However, in the middle of a run it's well within the realm of possibility to level weapons 100 levels at a time from the offset levels of spec ops of *75 to the next level of spec ops bypassing all the minor ability upgrades and not losing most shooting speed/abilities with that weapon except the one AT *75 itself.
Play Time Clickers Time Clickers Jul. 17, 2015
I am 100% correct: you can use Max to buy more than 100 levels AND use it to upgrade when it gets to a certain point like 100 levels or 125 levels. I know this is correct because this is how I personally use the "Max upgrade" option all the time.
Play IndestructoTank! AE IndestructoTank! AE Jul. 15, 2015
Game window is too small, I agree. "Focus lost" is irritating considering I like to move the cursor off the game window, and, is it even necessary? Come on, where's the mute option??? The computer's audio mute button does NOT count.
Play Hack Slash Crawl Hack Slash Crawl Jul. 14, 2015
Charm was rather worthless: it's easier and quicker to simply kill them instead of using charm on them. As was anything that had distance and facing requirements to be effective. Constantly having to cancel and wait, cancel and wait to make them effective was annoying, to say the least. AoE effects that were NOT cone effects were useful as they didn't care where you were as long as you had LoS on the target location. The game really feels like it favors melee steam roller builds than it does anything else.
Play Time Clickers Time Clickers Jul. 13, 2015
Kaveson, you can use the "Max Level" option to upgrade more than 100 levels. For example, if you want to go from 475 to 600 instead of promoting to 500, then upgrading to 600.
Play Interlocked Interlocked Jul. 13, 2015
Too many issues of the pieces not sliding properly unless they were perfectly flat and horizontal or vertical for pulling them out. That and pieces would glitch through each other and get stuck together.
Play Villainous Villainous Jul. 13, 2015
On the bright side, I was able to skip the tutorial. Oh how I hate and detest mandatory tutorials.
Play How to Raise a Dragon How to Raise a Dragon Jul. 10, 2015
Really? You don't like differing opinions? At least you cannot burn people at the stake for that anymore.
Play Lionheart Tactics Lionheart Tactics Jul. 10, 2015
I guess between Unity, unable to connect to the server, and the game not letting me actually play the game I have no interest in the game. Devs should make tutorials OPTIONAL not mandatory. There was a time when they were optional.
Play How to Raise a Dragon How to Raise a Dragon Jul. 09, 2015
Kinda boring, to be honest.