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Play Soviet Rocket Giraffe Go Go Go! Soviet Rocket Giraffe Go Go Go! Apr. 10, 2014
No upgrades because it's Robot Unicorn Attack.
Play Dungeon Defender Dungeon Defender Apr. 03, 2014
I can't get the badge...
Play Astrox Astrox Mar. 28, 2014
When I go in first person it's very hard to track the enemy I'm shooting at. Could you add an indicator to help?
Developer response from momoguru

i will be revamping the pilot view soon.

Play Level Up! Level Up! Mar. 20, 2014
Ok, the right side of the screen is missing...
Play Bot Arena 3 Bot Arena 3 Feb. 15, 2014
If you have multiple bots, it really helps to tell the all to follow one. Then give orders to that one and you can keep them together more easily.
Play Glean 2 Glean 2 Feb. 06, 2014
So what are the little exploding things that shake when I drill nearby?
Developer response from okaybmd

It's an alien spider! You can't harvest it, but its internal organs explode when you drill into it

Play Diggy Diggy Jan. 23, 2014
I'd almost finished before I realized I can upgrade the minerals too.
Play Matriarch Matriarch Oct. 08, 2013
The screen is a little big, I had to go fullscreen to get all of it in. Not a horrible thing, but something to think about for the next one.
Play Experimental Shooter 2 Experimental Shooter 2 Oct. 06, 2013
Here we have the next Moffat, the next great Whedon!
Play Hedgehog Launch 2 Hedgehog Launch 2 Oct. 02, 2013
So hard to get money at first...
Play The Space Game: Missions The Space Game: Missions Sep. 29, 2013
It would seem that the pirates raid the wreckage of your mining operation and take all the processed materials, metal, and weapons so they don't have to do the mining themselves.
Play Age Of Wind Age Of Wind Sep. 22, 2013
Play Spectromancer: Gathering of Power Spectromancer: Gathering of Power Sep. 03, 2013
How do the spyglasses work?
Play Civilizations Wars Civilizations Wars Aug. 27, 2013
There are arrows above the skills, press those to add to them
Play Panda's Bigger Adventure Panda's Bigger Adventure Aug. 08, 2013
So I put the code in the enigma machine and nothing happens... Is there some way to enter it I can't see?
Play Boom Town Boom Town Aug. 03, 2013
Heh heh, church next to a tavern, really good growth.
Play Papa Louie 2: When Burgers Attack! Papa Louie 2: When Burgers Attack! Jul. 27, 2013
How do I beat up the bacon? Yummy bacon, can't I just eat it? Then again, I have a feeling it wouldn't agree with me...
Play The Last Door - Chapter 1: The Letter The Last Door - Chapter 1: The Letter Jul. 27, 2013
I love that there are items that you would expect to find in that kind of house, but that you cannot use.
Play Globetrotter XL Globetrotter XL Jun. 29, 2013
What are you talking about dragonma? That's exactly what world maps look like in my American school...
Play Protector Protector Jun. 20, 2013
A good strategy used often in the walkthrough is to start from the end of the map and move toward the front. Level up your soldiers as you go, or they won't get enough exp later on.