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Play Lazerman Lazerman Mar. 01, 2013
Awesome art! Love this game :D
Play Tesla Defense Tesla Defense Nov. 26, 2012
What we do know is that the bug is not related to OS/Browser/Flash Version. Replaying the level seems to allow players to get past it, but it may take multiple attempts. Again, it will be fixed within a few hours. Its the middle of the night where the programmer lives :)
Play Tesla Defense Tesla Defense Nov. 26, 2012
Ignore my last comment about chain lightning, we've confirmed thats not the issue, but I still don't know what is. We know it has *something* to do with the little health crates, possibly happens when they land on a mine? I dont know. :(
Play Tesla Defense Tesla Defense Nov. 26, 2012
We believe that the wave 5 bug is related to the health box and the chain lightning upgrade. We're working on it right now, but for the time being, do not use the chain lightning upgrade, let us know if that helps. You may have to restart your game.
Play Tesla Defense Tesla Defense Nov. 26, 2012
This is a sequel to Tesla Death Ray :)
Play Tesla Defense Tesla Defense Nov. 26, 2012
To those reporting that wave 5 does not end, can you send me your browser and operating system in a whisper? I'll contact most of you directly! Thanks guys :)
Play Relive Your Life Relive Your Life Jun. 10, 2012
5/5 because egoraptor's Megaman X video taught me everything I know about being a game designer.
Play Fracuum Fracuum May. 01, 2012
Tyler Glaeil = GENIUS.
Play Fixation Fixation Apr. 24, 2012
Have babies with me, Eli.
Play Fancy Pants Adventure: World 3 Fancy Pants Adventure: World 3 Apr. 06, 2012
WOO! Congrats on getting this out Brad! 5/5
Play Diplon Diplon Feb. 19, 2012
Cool game, I really liked the boss. Wish it had a bit more of a theme and a bit of a break for the high level of tension. It ramps anxiety up pretty high. My brain could use occasional breaks to recover.
Play William and Sly 2 William and Sly 2 Dec. 29, 2011
3d william is freaking my trip :(
Play William and Sly 2 William and Sly 2 Dec. 27, 2011
Had no idea this was even in development! Sequel to one of my favorite flash games of all time, and looking even better than the first :D
Play Realm of the Mad God Realm of the Mad God Nov. 07, 2011
I love this game more than I can possibly describe. I want to leave work so I can go home and play.
Play One and One Story One and One Story Oct. 21, 2011
Awesome game, congrats on the success guys!
Play Laser Cannon 2 Laser Cannon 2 May. 09, 2011
One of the more creative shooting puzzle games I've played! Really enjoyed it :)
Play The Sandbox The Sandbox Feb. 02, 2011
This is the easiest to use and most robust version of a sandbox/falling sand game that I have ever played. I really commend you for the effort that was put into it. I love the way so many of the elements interact with each other. Nice work!
Play Balls in Space Balls in Space Dec. 29, 2010
i <3 lt for all my kreds!
Play Vertigo: Gravity Llama Vertigo: Gravity Llama Nov. 08, 2010
The game is extremely polished with way more content than other flash platformers. 5/5
Play Wings of Genesis Wings of Genesis Oct. 13, 2010
Easily one of the most beautiful flash games ever made. 5/5