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Play Mean Mining Machine Mean Mining Machine Mar. 29, 2014
Well I'm getting bored of dirt and see no change, I find it way too slow, I mean how many upgrades and moves you have to do just to see anything actually change? got bored
Play Who needs to have fun anyway? Who needs to have fun anyway? Mar. 25, 2014
Aparently at a certain level, health bars become white. At some point playing is useless because you easily get levels on every kill and gain way too bug amounts of money. I mean I ended up level 397 with armor +173, weapon +632 and money 8.29111788664306e+38
Play Tinysasters 2: rise of the nexus Tinysasters 2: rise of the nexus Mar. 22, 2014
If I manage to get the patience for the other half of the tutorial, gonna keep giving it a try. Nice game though, but it would be better if it was a whole map sim instead of being level-based, and if tutorial was all together.
Play Loot Heroes Loot Heroes Mar. 21, 2014
Hack & slash revamped (and lagged?)
Play Idle God 3 Idle God 3 Mar. 19, 2014
Yeah I did zoom it out, but don't tell me EVERYONE has that res, 'cause that doesn't consider all the people in the world, only in the USE and other countries with really low prices, there are places in the world where a barely good PC screen has a pretty high cost.
Play Idle God 3 Idle God 3 Mar. 18, 2014
Too bad, so big it doesn't fit with my screen res lol but looks interesting
Developer response from belgarionriva

I'm so sorry... I'm gonna make an 800*600 version if I find the time. I thought the limit was arbitrary and everyone has 1920*1080 monitors (not kidding). Press F11 to disable the top border of your browser. CTRL+Mouse scroll down to zoom out.

Play Pappas Pizza Bar Pappas Pizza Bar Mar. 16, 2014
Interesting the first 15 minutes, then becomes boring and repetitive with nothing really meaningful to do on it.
Play Idle Castle Crush Idle Castle Crush Mar. 15, 2014
So, game randomly bugged while playing and all I see is 70% of the game covvered with a big blue block, and wall disappeared making it unplayable and frankly not interesting enough to go search for the save file to delete it
Play Fishy Rush Fishy Rush Mar. 12, 2014
Not bad, but it lacks of objective. I nean sure you can complete all the quests, but does it ever end? it's like swimming all day without having somewhere to go. That makes it boring. Also, too few upgrades make it feel incomplete. Single use updates should be permantent, and you should advance while you play, to more difficult areas where you need more money and hearts to survive. Leaving only the skip distance upgrade as single use, or even removing it.
Developer response from SilenGames

Thanks for review!

Play Ayumilove Idle Story Ayumilove Idle Story Mar. 08, 2014
Game actually looks better in low quality
Play Bitcoin Mining Simulator! Bitcoin Mining Simulator! Mar. 08, 2014
As slow as real mining, but, why don't I just go bitcoin mining and make money with my processing power instead? Sounds like a good idea
Play Bonfire Bonfire Mar. 06, 2014
Achievement "Buy 1 of everything" is actually achieved when you buy the last special upgrade, not all of the upgrades.
Play Bonfire Bonfire Mar. 06, 2014
Burning the christmas is awesomely efficient
Play Run Red Run Run Red Run Mar. 04, 2014
Game's constantly reloading the same background but it's awfully annoying 'cause you actually see it load instead of seeing a fluid scene. Like an awful frameskip. A lot of that problems and if a six core can't handle it then what thing can?
Play Button Masher Idle Button Masher Idle Mar. 04, 2014
Really? no autosave? 'cause it just froze after collecting a lot of things, and when reloaded, it was to a very early stage
Play Record Shop Tycoon 2 Record Shop Tycoon 2 Mar. 02, 2014
Weird problem, every a few (random amount) days, the game won't start day again. I click start day, set the CDs and Open Shop, and it just says which day it is, but nothing happens, no staff shows up, and I have to save and reload the game for it to work again.
Play Indie Evolution Indie Evolution Mar. 02, 2014
The moment it "loads" my whole browser window becomes un-clickable. And I only see a big dark gray empty screen. Funny that I can play the top latest games with hyper-realistic graphics and I can't play this lol
Play Ressource, Space & Alien Game V1.0 Ressource, Space & Alien Game V1.0 Mar. 02, 2014
"The Alien-Battleship has been destroyed!!!" yay, it took a while. Not bad for such a simple game design, though I most say that the game being so big was kinda annoying to go through it.
Play ef the game ef the game Feb. 28, 2014
Lol read something about "no bugs" but when I ate a parasite stuck to an arrow creature it started lagging, glitching and my screen got locked so I can't do anything else lol
Play Bowmaster Winter Storm Bowmaster Winter Storm Feb. 27, 2014
People loves adding ads to get money to their games, but they forget 70% of the people has adblockers because forced ads are annoying, so remember guys if you want to play, disable your ad blocker at least for this page