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Play Planet Juicer Planet Juicer Aug. 09, 2012
When enlarging the game some dev cheats seem to come up. (I want to lose, Kill all aliens, All researches, and All Moneys) I don't think you meant to have them there. Just a heads up ^_^
Play Monster Arena Monster Arena Oct. 08, 2011
XD I one-shotted the final boss with 18k. Stardust + call to arms + 500 power = win :D
Play Primary Primary Feb. 24, 2010
i gotta say great voice acting and idea! Sadly it lagged the longer i played to the point where it was way to slow. The animations are cute too while the music sets the tone. A little droning on repetitiveness but neat. The effort showed :) 5/5
Play Exoot MapleCity Lite Exoot MapleCity Lite Jan. 17, 2010
anyone know of a way to recover magic without dying/ leveling up blue potion is not the answer...
Play Dream World Dream World Jan. 16, 2010
p130wnag3 the mist potions are scaled to your level for me i have to pay 6000+ coins for one of em
rather bland but quite fun for awhile i got 199 kills and i simply saw it as endless as a storyline my guy submitted very fun
Play Heroes of Gaia Heroes of Gaia Dec. 01, 2009
if you got the mail for the mill plays you have to click "obtain items" in the corner
Play Dodge That! Dodge That! Oct. 30, 2009
hit collision is off -_-
Play IceTank IceTank Oct. 30, 2009
ah i died :( pretty fun and simple. the title and description lured me in and kept it's promise. One idea maybe is branching upgrades? like your ship would look different depending if you have better traction firepower ect. Also maybe a form of tournament? a VERY good start and limitless possiblilities :) 4/5 by itself 5/5 for potential
Play Elona Shooter Elona Shooter Oct. 30, 2009
you BUY chickens in the second "building" shop if you look to the right you see [1] [2] in the side. You buy them there
Play Submachine 6: the edge Submachine 6: the edge Oct. 17, 2009
well i couldnt tell the difference between most walls and doors... a little arrow would be nice otherwise nice game 4/5
Play Doom 1 Doom 1 Oct. 12, 2009
i never played doom before. This was neat. A little slippery controls but amazingly good 3D system and no lag at all. Impressive for Flash 5/5
Play Four Second Fury Four Second Fury Sep. 28, 2009
146 seconds!
Play Higher! Higher! Sep. 26, 2009
lol wut? i got his instead of the game Invalid URL The requested URL "/games/Flashist/higher/frame/1254021796960/?username=darkameba&user_id=284833&game_auth_token=61c7af533dd2d6f82ba38fd6f94edd457e2b6853d0fcfee5dba7046b4580d531", is invalid. Reference #9.b42612d1.1254021802.0
Play Kings of Conquest 3 Kings of Conquest 3 Sep. 21, 2009
"Territory war game better then Risk." yea a 2.7 flash game on kongregate can compete vs RISK It is interesting but now it is too confusing, poor graphics but otherwise nice 3/5
Play Alice is Dead - Ep 1 Alice is Dead - Ep 1 Sep. 20, 2009
click the bell when you look in the mirror and it is gone and a sharpened bone was there instead
Play Sorcery Quest - Guest Edition Sorcery Quest - Guest Edition Sep. 18, 2009
yea here is a piece of advice DO NOT PLAY THIS limiting like hell and 1/5 actually i never gave a game 1/5 out of the 1000s i played but this deserved it. Keep you PAY TO PLAY game out of here.
Play Kings of Conquest 2! Kings of Conquest 2! Aug. 30, 2009
well i played 2 games. It has a nice aura of complexity but make the ai faster in turn because maybe i dont want to move a shipment but after i say no i have to wait again and its kinda boring. Bland+slow but complex not a very good combo. Make it appealing and it would be a 4 star game but for now 3/5 for effort
Play Kings of Conquest 2! Kings of Conquest 2! Aug. 30, 2009
over-complicated and confusing. It simply is not inviting to enjoy it. It looks like it was done in 15min too. Great potential though but im more confused on what is going on even with a tutorial 2/5
Play Enigmata Enigmata Aug. 25, 2009
the insanity is done by crashing into a boss