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Play Idle Mine Idle Mine Jun. 28, 2014
Click cheat: alt+shift+numlock, then 5 and + on the numpad :)
Play Happy Wheels Happy Wheels Jun. 20, 2014
Possible troll: DEC 15, 2010 3:43PM Go to Totaljerkface.com for the full game. The reason why I can’t upload the full version is because Kongregate only limits a certain amount of KBs. Does this mean it could be a joke?
Play Imperia Online Imperia Online Jun. 15, 2014
Did imperia online use 1-day accounts (Accounts used to invite and stuff, not gaming with it) to find me and invite players)?
Play Idle Blocks Idle Blocks Jun. 14, 2014
Guys, don't feed the trolls..
Play Idle Blocks Idle Blocks Jun. 13, 2014
I see version 1.6.1 while was released seconds ago...
Developer response from xenoma

Yep, I'm fast ;) I changed a lot of variables to balance the game to 1.6.1!

Play Idle Blocks Idle Blocks Jun. 13, 2014
Game has a kind of a really low rating, I just don't understand why :(
Developer response from xenoma

I hope to reach at least a 3 star rating :) Anyway I'm just glad that some people likes this game! :D Thanks

Play Mutilate-a-Doll 2 Mutilate-a-Doll 2 Jun. 13, 2014
-.- If you want more headgear, just make it at madlab :)
Play Idle Blocks Idle Blocks Jun. 12, 2014
Needs an upgrade all button, would also like a button that increases the max level of all blocks :)
Developer response from xenoma

Done! Check the "Game news" or "Updates" tab! ;)

Play Planet Running Man: An Incremental Game Planet Running Man: An Incremental Game Jun. 08, 2014
You somehow misspelled alpha and beta ;o (dotacreepy)
Developer response from dotacreepy

I'll be sure to fix this in the C.. the C-Charile? In the Kappa (no space) update.

Play Drunken Wrestlers Drunken Wrestlers Jun. 06, 2014
Dont say something you are..
Play Epic Creature Hunter I Epic Creature Hunter I May. 24, 2014
@Provost, Dont delete your cookies then? ;o. it has a auto-save btw.
Play Gravitee Wars Gravitee Wars May. 23, 2014
Enemy AI is aimbotting.
Play Motor Wars 2 Motor Wars 2 May. 19, 2014
A free newbie plane to try out planes would be nice, not that you need to train as a high lvl in a plane and not being able to kill someone.
Play Hellspin Hellspin May. 10, 2014
Copied game?
Play Dawn of the Dragons Dawn of the Dragons May. 09, 2014
Games like these are awesome! If there was no energy.
Play Dawn of the Dragons Dawn of the Dragons May. 09, 2014
People copy others, its proven
Play Ballistic Ballistic Apr. 30, 2014
P2W. Please those games are annoying us, stop milking money out of us, Why is this game rated so high?
Play Divine Generals Divine Generals Apr. 26, 2014
Awesome game, needs a sequel with save.
Play Magic Barrage - Bitferno Magic Barrage - Bitferno Apr. 26, 2014
Extreme lagg, guys i have a good internet connection and 2011 gaming pc. Can anyone explain this?
Play IdleHero IdleHero Apr. 18, 2014
Suggestion: Make monsters drop items. Adding rarity levels would make it even better.