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Play The Terrific Adventures of Straw&Berry The Terrific Adventures of Straw&Berry Apr. 21, 2013
Yeah, I still stick with my 1/5, there are still a huge amount of issues, but I can see good progress in improving it. My suggestion is to sort out the infinite jump trick next. A simple engine for this could be a jump variable set to 1, or 2 for double jump. When you jump, check if the variable is greater than 0, if so, jump and reduce variable by 1. Finally, reset the variable to 1 or 2 when you touch the ground.
Play The Terrific Adventures of Straw&Berry The Terrific Adventures of Straw&Berry Apr. 10, 2013
Finally gameplay, oh boy, this is the thing you need to work on the most by far. First of all, you can walk off the screen. I suggest, with a better background, adding a wall of sorts. Secondly, jumping is completly broken. When you jump, you warp upwards, and moving left/right results in a graphical glitch which duplicates you. Also, there is no limit to the amount of jumps you can have, keep it to double jump at most. Hitboxes also need work, it looks like I am in the wall at times, and it ruins presentation a lot. Finally, your physics engine needs work, things were slippy on edges, and jumping on collectable had some resistance. Lots of problems, sorry to be harsh on your first game here, but I have to tell it as it is, it needs major re-thinking. 1/5
Play The Terrific Adventures of Straw&Berry The Terrific Adventures of Straw&Berry Apr. 10, 2013
Right... This game is a over simplistic bug-fest. Bear with me, this will be a very long review for a Kongregate game. First of all, the story is very slow, the pause is too long between slides, and the editting was VERY poor, random coloured backgrounds which didn't fit the area. Speaking of graphics, they are very poor indeed. The background is ugly and stretched, and the block tyles are placed poorly with the same ugly sprite. The characters are the only decent sprites, fitting the cartoon-notebook style I assume you went for, but it needs animation. There is no music, and little to no sound. Please, get music AND sound, it enhances the exprience so much more. Continues in another post
Developer response from do0ottz

Try it now .. I fixed some of the problems .. not all of them .. but some .. and i added sound .. Let me know what you think now :)

Play Stafforb's Pokemon Battle 3 Stafforb's Pokemon Battle 3 Apr. 10, 2013
This is one of the worst games I have ever played. It was one level where you button mash space for 2 seconds, look at highscores, notice it was one level long, get frustrated, get a cup of tea/coffee, cool down, and rage again. Very easy, very short, and very depressing. 1/5, since 0/5 doesn't exist.
Developer response from Stafforb_Pokemon

Thanks for hurting my feelings, bro. :(

Play Pixel Painter 2 Pixel Painter 2 Apr. 10, 2013
No. Just no. This is just yet another nonagram game, with no gimmick for it to stand out, there is no marking feature to help remember points, which is a standard in these games, and I had a puzzle with 2 solutions. The point system is borderline pointless, and you can fill in a line, bag the points, and delete what you made, while keeping the points. Not unique, not groundbreaking, and not very fun. 2/5
Play Ozzle - a hard logic puzzler Ozzle - a hard logic puzzler Apr. 10, 2013
Nice to see a reply from you, not enough people reply these days. As a puzzle fan, I am interested to see how this goes. Tell me when its finished, I'll review it ASAP. Good luck with this, with work it could be a success.
Play Angry Mario 4 Angry Mario 4 Apr. 10, 2013
Oh Dear... where to start with this... Level design was appalling, I could bypass all obstacles, walls were in random spots, it like if an 8 year old had a level editor for angry birds. The sprites are stolen, and it is very easy to tell, some sprites don't even fit in, like the boulder, which was only used ONCE! The domino level looks good in theory, but the dominos fell before I fired a shot. Was this even tested first? And there is no reason to go back for the gold medals. Massive amounts of problems, and you seriously need to invest more time in games before publishing. Quality, not quantity. 2/5
Play Ozzle - a hard logic puzzler Ozzle - a hard logic puzzler Apr. 10, 2013
Not challanging in the slightest. I got all the levels done perfectly first time, with the exception of one level. I found it incredibly easy, and as a demo, inculde at least one or two harder levels to give an honest view of the finished product. I have to give it to you, the graphics were very impressive, especially the eyes. Keep that level of artwork up and you'll get positive feedback. There was no music. None. Even the worst games have music. Without it, the game gets boring fast. This game has major faults, and without fixing it, don't expect a floodgate of buyers for the full version. 2/5
Developer response from sarmac

Thanks for your reply. We are currently testing a full web version of Ozzle and will upload a full game here as soon as we finish it. It includes sound effects, music and 60 levels that are much more challenging than the first 12!

Play Make beef and mushroom pie Make beef and mushroom pie Apr. 10, 2013
Right... as... fun, as it is. It really should be in a cookbook, not a flash game. I see that you mean well, trying to spread healthy eating, but this isn't the way to do it. It is incredibly simple, which can be good here, but presentation is key here, and it wasn't very good to be honest. The pie could look a lot better. Finally, the instruction aren't even going to help much, it outlines ingredients and cooking times, but no quantities or temperatures. And no list of ingredients beforehand is a pain. Please, just stick with games, not cookbooks. 1/5
Play Kuller Kuller Apr. 10, 2013
Really enjoyed this, from beginning to end. Great difficulty curve, music is fun, gameplay and graphics are nice, especially the ball motion, on a flash game no less. But I must always point out the flaws; the jumping sound gets annoying, and as the levels go on, it gets more frequecent. The other thing is the sound on/off option, it has jittered around, and it s useless, as it also turns off music. This makes it pointless because there is a mute button already, which is easier to use. Finally, there aren't enough features, sure, you used what you had well, but it isn't enough. Make more types of obstacles, it will increase people's interest and show creativity hopefully. Good game, but you need to sort out bits and bobs. 4/5
Play Monster Bark Monster Bark Apr. 07, 2013
Loved this game, it was a very good puzzle game, but level 34 was very badly designed, you should look into fixing is, since the "chase" could be completly avoided.
Play Match Puzzle Defense Match Puzzle Defense Apr. 04, 2013
Played a bit of this, and I love the concept, never seen it before, and you made it work pretty well, I can see a future for this game is taken in the right direction! However, graphics need work, needs much more variety, and more features. A nice example would be level 3 towers for example. My only other worry is that these two types of games are limited when combined, because there isn't much freedom when combining these two. I hope to see a very good and unique final product here. 3/5 Until improved.
Play Treasure Hunt Treasure Hunt Mar. 31, 2013
Needs more levels, obviously. But one massive question, why did you have 3 characters, when there is only one level!?! Also, during stage 2 with character 2 at least, I have infinite jump, not sure if its a glitch, but it needs fixing as it a game breaking opporunity. 1/5 Needs levels.
Play NoNoPuzz NoNoPuzz Mar. 31, 2013
Just played around half way into the game, and personally, I think that there needs to be music, better features to make your game stand out, and finally, you need a beta tester, see if said person can beat it without guesses, then it'll work better.
Play NoNoPuzz NoNoPuzz Mar. 31, 2013
I agree with AarJay, needs dragging and I'm not if I'm bad at this, but at level 8, I noticed multiple solutions, but due to coding, it resulted in a forced guess.
Play Gravity Game [The gathering 2013] [NGA Fast Game Development] Gravity Game [The gathering 2013] [NGA Fast Game Development] Mar. 30, 2013
Sorry, pressed enter by accident, anyway, if you build on this engine, I'm sure you could have a fun little gem here. Brilliant engine, but thats all. I say 3/5 considering the time limit.
Play Gravity Game [The gathering 2013] [NGA Fast Game Development] Gravity Game [The gathering 2013] [NGA Fast Game Development] Mar. 30, 2013
As brilliant of a concept as it was, I have a few complaints, first off, there should be sound, I know you had 36 hours, but still, it was completely silent there, and the graphics could be slighty improved. It looked like it was from Paint. Finally, there's no aim, it's ju a fun little engine/tool.
Play Treasure Goblin Treasure Goblin Mar. 30, 2013
Controls are horribly buggy and there is no sound at all. It refused to jump at points, and moving left and right bugged bit too. The camera is unrealiable you only control it half of the time. It has potential,but with these controls, and no sound, it is more of a irritation. 2/5
Play Crash course 1 Crash course 1 Mar. 29, 2013
Little note I found, you can't die, run into an enemy, you'll see -_-
Play Crash course 1 Crash course 1 Mar. 29, 2013
Not good art skills at all acutally... They are tutorial sprites, and it looks like the tutorial engine too. It also seems to have only 1 screen on loop... Please work on this, make original sprites and more, bigger levels. For now, 1/5