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Play Trails - Source Code Trails - Source Code Jan. 10, 2011
Cheers UG
Play Meat Boy Meat Boy Dec. 03, 2010
Play Baby Flinging 2 Baby Flinging 2 May. 28, 2010
Uhm I left this for like 10 minutes and it's still going.
Play Skirmish Skirmish Mar. 25, 2010
Nice I like it :)
Play Xtreme Picture Chat Xtreme Picture Chat Jan. 21, 2010
Add highscores and it would be better. 4/5
Play Patterns and Mosaics Patterns and Mosaics Jan. 19, 2010
I get it now =D
Play Bubble Tanks Tower Defense Bubble Tanks Tower Defense Jan. 14, 2010
Meh. It's alright. Nothing too special about it though.
Play Drag Box Drag Box Dec. 21, 2009
Way too easy. Takes heaps long to get harder.
Play the Juicy Block Extreme Gore Killer game the Juicy Block Extreme Gore Killer game Dec. 16, 2009
Thanks for all the good comments, and to all the bad comments... *Evil stare.* You know who you are.
Play Extreme Missile Defense X-treme 3D Extreme Missile Defense X-treme 3D Dec. 13, 2009
lol Great game! Looks like the collaboration paid off.
Play Flash Paint Tool Flash Paint Tool Dec. 13, 2009
xD I worked out how to make layers. I will make it when I have the time. Anyone have any other suggestions?
Play Competitive Line Waiting Competitive Line Waiting Dec. 11, 2009
Pretty original. I like it. Is this meant to be multiplayer? Because if it is then not many people are playing it. Anyways it's a 5/5 from me.
Play Patterns and Mosaics Patterns and Mosaics Dec. 11, 2009
Is there any strategy to go at these? Because I'm finding it very hard just for the 5x5 2D game.
Play Falling Debris Falling Debris Dec. 11, 2009
Was this made for the Stride competition? I'm not sure if you will need to do something like reuploading it specially for the competition to enter it in the competition. Anyways, I thought it is a good game. Definitely worth the loading time. I assume it took a while to load because of the awesome graphics. David you rock! I did notice it getting a bit laggy after about 100 seconds but lately my computer has been running heaps slow so it might only be laggy for me. If you want any tips on improvement, then I would add a feature that allows you to control the ship with the mouse. That's all I can think of.
Play Scribbland Scribbland Dec. 10, 2009
Got used to the controls, this game is good.
Play Fly Squirrel Fly Fly Squirrel Fly Dec. 08, 2009
Awesome graphics.
Play Halloween Sugar Rush Halloween Sugar Rush Nov. 21, 2009
This game doesn't seem very original to me.
Play Dragon Age: Journeys Dragon Age: Journeys Nov. 19, 2009
Nice. 5/5 A bit hard sometimes though.
Play Monsters' Den: Book of Dread Monsters' Den: Book of Dread Nov. 04, 2009
How do you submit your money to Kong. I am not getting the easy badge for some inconsiderate reason.
Play Monsters' Den: Book of Dread Monsters' Den: Book of Dread Nov. 04, 2009
How do I go to the shop? Give me a shout if you answer this.