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Play Astrox Astrox Mar. 24, 2014
great game, but one mayor drawback is about 50% in the game enemies are imortal? (no not hard to kill) i shoot all my stuf and they go to 0 hp and doint die? bug glitch? i doint know but it prevents me from playing. i realy hope you fix it and send me a reply, so i can escape from space jail ^_^
Developer response from momoguru

this is a bug, and will be fix in a few hours :)

Play Learn to Fly Idle Learn to Fly Idle Mar. 20, 2014
okey great game, but the devil = a dodo home world? realy XD
Play The Last Door - Chapter 3: The Four Witnesses The Last Door - Chapter 3: The Four Witnesses Feb. 19, 2014
YESS chapter 3 is here! i hope its gona be as good as the last one ^_^
Play GrindQuest Censored GrindQuest Censored Jan. 13, 2014
o my felcloth realy takes for ever to get... for every 10 felcloth i get 30 arcanite ore XD dam ore i doint do heavyarmor ^_^
Play Into Space 3: Xmas Story Into Space 3: Xmas Story Jan. 10, 2014
game lag is making it unplayable, so 1/5 for your efforts. to bad the last into space had no such lag, and was beatutifull.
Play Deep Sea Hunter 2 Deep Sea Hunter 2 Jan. 10, 2014
4/5 would be the score for this game, but the freezes make it 3/5 at best, and one more thing: the targeting can be realy stupid, like it targetest the fish that is the least treatening... realy XD? i'd say target the closest target...
Play Ashtaria Ashtaria Dec. 26, 2013
please game makers and dev's make the game more playable, the combat speed is just BRE/aking this game...
Play Idle Mine Idle Mine Dec. 20, 2013
yeah i cleaned up my internet date and now al progres is gone... great goodby, it was a fun game to play but i'm not gona restart from poo... fix this stuf or you'l lose LOADS of players
Play Idle Farmer Idle Farmer Dec. 20, 2013
good game, but it seems to be a active game, to be a good idle game it needs to run smooth, (no freezes) run in the back ground, and preverably have a ofline way to get something anything (exp money) a few updates and it could be a great game, now its just good, and thats well .... good ^_^
Developer response from Junjo

Yes, I suppose that it's some kind of hybrid... you can play the idle way, or you can play active to be more efficient.

Play Ashtaria Ashtaria Dec. 15, 2013
great game, a bit slow, okey realy slow... (might be smart to fix that XD) but a great game, nice look, nice feel. 3/5 might be 4/5 if it was a bit more smooth.
Developer response from Dreamslair

Hello, thanks for your feedback! Please stay tuned since we are going to improve the game's performance. ;-)

Play Idle Mine Idle Mine Dec. 02, 2013
lol realy? i posted a post saying the game lags, when a ore is at zero hp. (atleast on my PC) and it got - 28 votes? and no awnser or reply at all. this lag is even seen in other windows (like every so manny seconds i got this game open in a tab, all my internet windows freeze for a sec) is anyone but me geting the same thing? and please people this is a question so doint be part of the kong - comunety, and leave a reply instead of just giving it a -1 cus its to much text, thank you ^^
Play Idle Mine Idle Mine Dec. 01, 2013
dude your game lags every time a *ore* is *killed* just make it smooth and it might be playable. 2/5 cus clicking poo and waiting 5 secs to click a poo again is just wrong.. XD
Play Dry Eternity RPG Dry Eternity RPG Nov. 19, 2013
lol last update says there is a skip credits button... where XD?
Play Dry Eternity RPG Dry Eternity RPG Nov. 19, 2013
o my this looks like a fun game, if only it was not this sl.....o...www.... sorry got slowed from playing it to long ^_^
Play Feudalism III Feudalism III Nov. 19, 2013
this game is a disgrace to part 2 of the series... did EA games take part in this? cus this feels like playing masseffect 3's ending. (just the ending not the game play)
Play Conquer Mars Conquer Mars Nov. 17, 2013
wait so no tutorial or anything, just bam here you go 1 vs 3 have funn ? 1/5 this is not just terible its a shame to the power that my pc used to play 1 round of this!
Developer response from ConquerMars

Sorry :( The game does require a lot of power, both with the amount of units and graphics, so on battery it drains really quick. We're working on a tutorial, but until then you can make a private game against the AI to train - just click "Custom" -> "Create" and then select private. You can also give yourself a lot of credits, but that drains the battery even faster :p

Play Bloons Super Monkey 2 Bloons Super Monkey 2 Nov. 17, 2013
okey.... so how do you beat the giant squid thingy? them undestructable boloons keep pushing me away from it.
Play Feudalism III Feudalism III Nov. 07, 2013
dam laggy, no retry and more stuf make it a waist of time, for now... but it might get great if its updated.
Play Road of the Dead 2 Road of the Dead 2 Oct. 25, 2013
needs lag reduction, cant play affter a few minutes
Play Road of the Dead 2 Road of the Dead 2 Oct. 25, 2013
o yeah great game just great. to bad it reloads on its own and erases progres... but still great 3/5 for that.
Developer response from Sickdeathfiend

no it keeps your saves. you need to check your browser settings and make sure its not deleting your save data, also set the save data to unlimited in the game.