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Play The Awakening RPG The Awakening RPG May. 13, 2015
Play Idle Blacksmith 2 Idle Blacksmith 2 May. 01, 2015
i'm not getting any offline money XD atleast i get what i would get in 20 secconds of being online...
Play Idle Blacksmith 2 Idle Blacksmith 2 Apr. 21, 2015
i like that the productions boost from acending is dubbled, now my blacksmith and enchanter can work again ^_-
Play Idle Blacksmith 2 Idle Blacksmith 2 Apr. 17, 2015
i vote for more balance, the blacksmith and enchanter are way more expencive then all the others to upgrade.
Play Nova Genesis Nova Genesis Apr. 13, 2015
..... o my G.... one more R2 game to look at rate 1 star and leave forever... makes you wonder when they will make a new concept... you'd imagin this thing has run dry 5 years ago...
Play Holyday City Holyday City Apr. 07, 2015
so now i cant upgrade my warehouse.... i mean the cost to upgrade is more then my max, and the port update is realy nice, but you cant spent mat's from the port so its nice but ussless....
Play Swarm Simulator Swarm Simulator Apr. 01, 2015
.... kittens?...... realy .... XD
Play Idle Life RPG Idle Life RPG Mar. 30, 2015
yeah i'm starting to think the update is taking for ever... sortha makes me hope its realy good ^_-
Play Idle Slime Miner Idle Slime Miner Mar. 24, 2015
game WILL crash at 0.25. doint plya this untill its fixxed...
Play Asgard Attack Asgard Attack Mar. 19, 2015
gets realy laggy on googlechrome...
Play Death Squad Death Squad Mar. 11, 2015
wow such a great game, to bad ALL my upgrades and ALL my weapons are lvl 1 again...
Play Idle Life RPG Idle Life RPG Mar. 04, 2015
fun game but a tip : use full numbers for stats, curently i got XXX. 12599999999ectra stamina and mana...
Developer response from Oninou

Sorry i may missed to round a number i will fix that Thank you for the feedback

Play Forge of Gods Forge of Gods Mar. 03, 2015
pay to win energy based game, avoiding this will make you live longer and happier...
Developer response from ChernomorAS

Energy problem was fixed. You can get unlimited energy, you just need to complete levels without casualties. But even if you fail to beat theme, you can gather reward for simple quests, that gives you free energy. Also you have a lot more maximum capacity so you can test more tactics and lose much more energy on it. Test new gameplay and have fun!

Play Tap Heroes Tap Heroes Mar. 03, 2015
its sooooo slow....
Play Royal Protectors Royal Protectors Mar. 02, 2015
way to hard, way to grindy... replaying a lvl a few times is okey but this game just replaces tactics by grinding... 1/5 sry
Play Royal Protectors Royal Protectors Mar. 01, 2015
seems fun but it gets terible once you see the way its balanced... 1/5 sry
Play Reactor Incremental Reactor Incremental Jan. 30, 2015
okey to bad my income is SO much lower affter this new update... i'm realy disapointed XD
Play Reactor Incremental Reactor Incremental Jan. 30, 2015
great log on new update... BOEM over heat everything is gone XD ah well try again XD
Play Anime Clicker 2 Anime Clicker 2 Jan. 28, 2015
you realy need to remove the clicking for hp thingy XD it makes it a bit of a NOT idle game... usualy in idle games clicking gives boosts and is optional, in this game its mandatory... wich is the wrong thing to do if you ask me.
Play Tangerine Tycoon Tangerine Tycoon Jan. 27, 2015
is 3 U coins the max u can get in 1 multy breach?