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Play Parasite Strike Parasite Strike Sep. 02, 2011
i cant believe i am saying this but on insane this game is even harder than frantic...
Play Shooter Defense Shooter Defense Aug. 13, 2011
for some reason it is not letting me play past the main menu, when i click on the level i want to play i just am at the main menu
Play My First Game My First Game Aug. 01, 2011
I swear i've seen this before...
Play Kin-Dza-Dza Planet Kin-Dza-Dza Planet Jul. 31, 2011
You can take a lot harder hits than in some other games but the game is still extremely boring because you have to transport so many guys.
Play Days of Monsters Days of Monsters Jun. 21, 2011
who else couldn't resist making a robot chicken.
Play Grand Prix Go Grand Prix Go Jun. 16, 2011
wow the enemy cars in this game are real douches - i mean really spinning me out, purposely driving in front of me all the time.
Play Back To Future-The Game Back To Future-The Game Jun. 06, 2011
wow this game is seriously almost impossible
Play Yulk's Lair RPG Yulk's Lair RPG Jun. 03, 2011
this game is crap
Play Minerbot Minerbot May. 09, 2011
@an alien and crippled127 he wasn't comparing the two he was telling viking 99 that they are nothing alike. His comment here "ladies and gentlemen, crafters and creepers. GRAB YOUR DIAMOND PICKAXES! WERE GOING TO GO KILL THIS IMPOSTER!"
Play The Game That Never Ends! The Game That Never Ends! Apr. 19, 2011
i like the song
Play The Game That Never Ends! The Game That Never Ends! Apr. 17, 2011
i played this game for like 2 hours
Play Upgrade Complete 2 Upgrade Complete 2 Apr. 14, 2011
I personally am going to rate this a 1 because yes it is good and deserves a high rating but it does not deserve the top spot on kongregate of all time.
Play Upgrade Complete 2 Upgrade Complete 2 Apr. 14, 2011
the instant i saw upgrade complete 2 i i let our a loud shriek then immediately clicked on it.
Play Ching Chong Beautiful Ching Chong Beautiful Apr. 05, 2011
lol the seppuku towers danger level is OVER 900!
Play Steelcurse Steelcurse Mar. 31, 2011
This game is fun but gets a bit repetitive 4/5.
Play Purple Invaders Purple Invaders Mar. 28, 2011
I'm not going to say that this is red remover, but it does have many similar aspects; such as the blue blocks are neutral, green blocks must be kept on-screen, and the four planes of gravity.
Play The Never Ending Game The Never Ending Game Mar. 20, 2011
were is my game
Play Zombie Splatter Zombie Splatter Mar. 06, 2011
How about sniper bullets that pierce through zombies.
Play Zombie Splatter Zombie Splatter Mar. 06, 2011
I love how all these evil games have remixed or slightly hidden soft music such as "the ants go marching" , or "i love you"
Play Coast Runners Coast Runners Mar. 05, 2011
wow ... just wow i have never before seen game where the camera focuses on someone else so you cant even see yourself when that is pretty necessary, it makes the game unplayable.