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Play Dino Shift Dino Shift Nov. 19, 2012
nice, the next hue shift rip off. well done mate.
Play Hue Shift Hue Shift Nov. 10, 2011
if you are interested in the next version of hueshift follow it on twitter ( @hueshiftgame ), facebook ( facebook.com/hueshift ) or on the website ( www.hueshiftgame.com )!
Play Hue Runner Hue Runner Apr. 27, 2011
wow, that is the boldest rip off i have ever seen. if you want to try the original play my game at http://www.kongregate.com/games/ddrei/hue-shift
Play Manufactoria Manufactoria May. 27, 2010
awesome :-)
Play Hue Shift Hue Shift May. 11, 2010
you can get the soundtrack now @ www.randoom.net
Play Hue Shift Hue Shift May. 06, 2010
"once you have completed the tutorial, you will re-start above the tutorial whenever you press retry." - added this feature since it was requested alot.
Play Run and Jump Run and Jump Apr. 29, 2010
erm wtf? :-P
Play RGB RGB Feb. 18, 2010
there are a few bugs due to collision detection in the game still (the same problem that dave ya is expiriencing). i am rewriting it at the moment to fix bugs and add more features.