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Play Accelerator Accelerator Feb. 23, 2013
Awesome game to kill some time. I hope that you can change the ship though. A ball flying through the air is somewhat odd to me.
Play Realm of the Mad God Realm of the Mad God Jan. 20, 2013
If only there were a fullscreen mode
Play Meat Boy Meat Boy Jan. 20, 2013
This game reminds me a bit of Run 2. Except there isn't a bonus on every level and you only play as one character.
Play Nova Raider Nova Raider Jan. 03, 2013
I only wish you could buy stars with uranium. I think it takes a bit too long to collect the occasional 1 star that rarely drops. I checked out some of the ship prices and some are ranging from 2000 stars on the lowest level ship besides the 800 star ship to a high 17,600 stars for the most expensive ship. And if you wanted to get all the ships that would mean you would have to pay 17,600 stars for each of the best ships and it is the same for the other priced ships. Adding somewhere to buy stars with uranium would help out a lot with this.
Developer response from Sublinet

Uranium is too easy to get so it would make everything free. We need the Kreds/Stars to run the game! However, we give out lots of stars during Facebook contests etc. so make sure you like the fan page ;)

Play ShellShock Live 2 ShellShock Live 2 Dec. 02, 2012
Cool game. I think the game would be awesome if it were 3 dimensional in the next update or next sequel
Play Turbo Golf Turbo Golf Dec. 02, 2012
this game is pretty cool but it would probably be better if you could play with friends
Play ESCAPE ESCAPE Nov. 11, 2012
LOL troll face for the ones who activate the laser and go down
Play Hexagon Hexagon Nov. 11, 2012
OMG this music! :D
Play Accelerator Accelerator Nov. 10, 2012
Play Accelerator Accelerator Nov. 10, 2012
Great game. Although it would be cool if you could change the camera view to see yourself flying.
Play Rogue Soul Rogue Soul Nov. 01, 2012
I like the game and all, and i see that the upgrades are there, but it just gets a bit boring after beating borin hood's score. Maybe adding more thiefs with higher bounties can help outa little.
Play Pheus and Mor Pheus and Mor Sep. 27, 2012
Sad ending. :(
Play Biscuit Boy Biscuit Boy Aug. 03, 2012
I admit the game has good graphics, but the point of the game is ridiculous. plus how r u supposed to feed this clown his so called "biscuits" if his head is moving so fast? I never thought i would want to play wack a mole.
Play Grand Theft Chicken Grand Theft Chicken Aug. 03, 2012
i like the music, but the game itself is a boring. When i saw the name i was thinking something simmilar to grand theft auto, but when i saw the game i was thinking what is this? The game needs a bit more work. I give it 3/5 because of the half-decent music.
Play Backyard Monsters (removed) Backyard Monsters (removed) Jul. 09, 2012
I think this is a good game. Besides the fact of the few ways to get shiny and the attacks from cpu's when other players do far more damage. This game got me by my love of upgrades.