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Feb. 08, 2012

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Sokoexp - All those levels are solvable! Level 4 takes 96 moves (and one MILLION attempts). 16 takes about 108 moves. 44 moves for level 19. I did 21 in 68 moves but there's probably a shorter route. Ditto for level 24, which took me 76 moves. I'm at work at can't make a walkthrough video...but [spoilers ahead!] here's a text walkthrough. In Level 4, the trick is to start with the leftmost block. tuck it up and to the left, so it's between the brick box and the edge, one block from the top. Then push the rightmost block once to the left. Push the bottom block once to the left. Push the rightmost block up in between the brick blocks. Here's the key: now push the middle block back to the right, so it's resting in its original position. Now you can push the left block into its home space, and push the top block up one space, and to the right one space. At this point, you're home free.