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Play Samsara Room Samsara Room Sep. 07, 2013
I thought I was about to summon the devil with that fish surrounded by five flames in the points of a star. Thank God I took all those drugs so nothing felt "unusual".
Play MadBurger MadBurger Apr. 01, 2013
Wow, you really don't like the vertical aspect of launch games.
Play Ode To Pixel Days Ode To Pixel Days Feb. 19, 2013
Props for effort, but I would have enjoyed this more if Hans had a variety of alternative routes instead of "whine moan cheerleader WTF-MACHINE=WIN!"
Play Rooms of Memory Rooms of Memory Jan. 24, 2013
Again, let me get this straight. People give you their money to play this game and you spit in their face. The game is down for a month and you say nothing, yet you log into Kongregate to play other games. Is it really that hard to spend 2 minutes away from your multiple awards in Squirrels to type a message for your own game? Individual players have given more updates for your game than you have. Your dedicated fanbase here finally sees an update only tell us to get lost. And you have the nerve to tell us to have fun after ignoring us for weeks! To 101XPgames, and I mean this sincerely and from the bottom of my heart, **** off! Thank you for uniting all of us in our anger and resentment towards your company. Your rap sheet will not be forgotten.
Play Rooms of Memory Rooms of Memory Jan. 22, 2013
Another week, another bug report. I refuse to let this go. Someone needs to be held responsible for this failure and neglect.
Play Rooms of Memory Rooms of Memory Jan. 14, 2013
Just realized, as of 8PM today CST, the developer has logged into the game here again. Has anyone else seen the developer log in here during these past couple weeks?
Play Rooms of Memory Rooms of Memory Jan. 14, 2013
@Zshadow: Aside from comments, I have flagged the game and used the report bug option more than once. I will keep sending a bug report every week until morale improves. I still want to play this game. However, between my comments and bug reports, I have given more updates about this game on Kongregate than the developer. That makes me sad.
Play Rooms of Memory Rooms of Memory Jan. 12, 2013
@nesira. The only health condition the developer has is avarice. They give daily updates/advertising on their facebook page and all we get is a new event after a week of shouting/e-mailing that we can't play the game. Between making money from facebook and being a coward that can't post two sentences here, it's pretty clear what their message is.
Play Rooms of Memory Rooms of Memory Dec. 27, 2012
The one thing (cripe, the only thing) I want to see above all else is an update. Between comments, PMs, and a still-active fanbase about this game, is 2-3 sentences informing us of the developer's progress too much to ask for?
Play Rooms of Memory Rooms of Memory Dec. 27, 2012
Seriously, the only upside I have to the loading crisis is that I get about 10k coins daily from all the people who I made friends with. Now I can afford to unlock new areas after a few days instead of blowing my hard-earned gems on rooms I can't explore.
Play Rooms of Memory Rooms of Memory Dec. 24, 2012
Let me get this straight. You bring this game in to attract more people. Regardless of others saying you're doing this for the money, the game gains popularity. You give loyal players bonuses for logging in every day and let them play more frequently, but do not address the freezing issue that everyone is talking about. Now here we are, the game won't even load (at least it can't freeze in game), and you are still silent towards us. Why are you not talking to the new audience that wants to enjoy your game?
Play Rooms of Memory Rooms of Memory Dec. 20, 2012
I am finding this game fun to play. Feel free to friend me in game.
Play Grid16 Grid16 Aug. 05, 2012
This is ridiculous. It is unfair at best and poorly programmed at worst. The games need to reset once you are done because there is no point to barely surviving a mini-game only to have the near death event reactivate the moment it starts again. Also, look at the mini game with the block jumping across platforms. The game lets you move that block quickly, sometimes to quick, to land on the blocks. Yet, the ones where you have to move a box or an arrow to avoid objects flying from all directions moves half as fast while the objects to avoid are three times as fast at a x1 multiplier. You like the Warioware-esque games but you took all the fun out of it.