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Hi, my name is Dias, i´m european and i like History and learning and i am very much a curious boy who likes to learn, so feel free to tell me a story if you care so kindly and i´ll thank you, for “stories make the world a more interesting place”.

I´m atheist and i´m on minimum wage, which means i´m fckd to any degree. I´m also open to receive dark magician girl content for fan service. You might wonder about my current avatar being Bonaparte, well he had big balls to do the shit he did, so in my book that´s worth admiring him, although i won´t dwell on specifics.

I like games, music , curious stuff, so feel free to ask me anything on a moderate basis.

I also like ants, they fascinate me more than most animals, the organization compared to humans are astouning.

It is all fine and dandy to lose your time here and all, but when you leave the pc don´t forget your vote of filial piety toward your parents.

Nowadays people more and more forget about what really matters and lose themselves in dilly daily stuff. People buy expensive cellphones and cars to assert themselves.This is very sad.

Although you shouldn´t take this as an offence, for the real strength lies in recognizing what you can and can´t do, and forgive yourself.

Yet, some things indeed can´t be bought, and for you who came from the ground as i, you too should aim at these.

I´ll just leave here a funny story with my own words i read in a book called “Tales of Old Japan” you can get the free e-book in gutenberg.com, you can find the moral in it yourself.

The Mantis Who Tried To Stop A Carriage:

One day a carriage of mounted soldiers stopped when a mantis appeared in the middle of the road.

The general said :“It looks quite ferocious, but what is it?”

One of his soldiers explained to the general it was a Mantis, a quite ferocious insect.

“Amazing indeed ! Such a ferocious attitude, sadly, he´s still an insect”

And so the convoy of horses passed through it and continued their journey.

Musashi also said in his Earth Book concerning rhythm:

There is a rhythm in the whole life of the warrior, in his thriving and declining, in his harmony and discord. Similarly, there is a rhythm in the Way of the merchant, of becoming rich and of losing one’s fortune, in the rise and fall of capital. All things entail rising and falling rhythm. You must be able to discern this. In strategy there are various considerations. From the outset you must attune to your opponent, then you must learn to disconcert him. It is crucial to know the applicable rhythm and the inapplicable rhythm, and from among the large and small rhythms and the fast and slow rhythms find the relevant rhythm. You must see the rhythm of distance, and the rhythm of reversal. This is the main thing in strategy. It is especially important to understand the rhythms of reversal; otherwise your strategy will be unreliable.

OT being the toilet it is fascinates me because it reveals the true hearts of men and that´s fascinating. Degeneracy amuses me. It made me puke at first, but then i realized how amazing and warm it was. It is sincere.

Our duty is to protect it no matter how bad it can fall.

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