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Play Vector Stunt Mobile Vector Stunt Mobile Dec. 04, 2012
Awesome game. I love everything about it.
Play The most epic game ever The most epic game ever Aug. 18, 2011
1/5. it was well earned.
Developer response from Scars75

thanks C:

Play The Missile Game 3D HS The Missile Game 3D HS Aug. 17, 2011
AGH! I just barely clipped the edge of one of the obstacles. There was hardly even a dark explosion area.
Play Dodge Dodge Aug. 17, 2011
A well-lagged computer is all you need for all the badges.
Play One Chance One Chance Aug. 08, 2011
Finally, I get to the last computer I could possibly access, and I find the cure. But still. My wife is dead.
Play One Chance One Chance Aug. 04, 2011
Finished the game... one thought after I had finished, reloaded, cleared my cookies, and everything. I wish I had just one more chance :( Very depressing but I loved it anyways.
Play One Chance One Chance Aug. 03, 2011
hm... I had the game Gray in the background.... the music from the title screen kinda fit the mood of the game. Open it in another tab, come back and play this game. I thought this game was making sound until I closed Gray and all the sound stopped.
Play Light Cut Light Cut Aug. 03, 2011
What... the heck.... did I just play? I'm totally playing this again when I can use the microphone.
Play Walkinator Walkinator Jul. 25, 2011
I made one that walks! And here I thought they all either rolled or pushed themselves along. http://www.kongregate.com/games/BryceSummer/walkinator?creature=427022
Play Bouncing Checkers Bouncing Checkers Jul. 23, 2011
Hey, fireup. The human vs human isn't online. It's a 2player hotseat. That means 2 people on the same computer. So while you were sitting there for 20 minutes you only have yourself to blame.
Play Pixel Zen Pixel Zen Jul. 22, 2011
...*favorite* *bookmark* *save*
Play Walkinator Walkinator Jul. 21, 2011
As I play more, the bones really shouldn't stretch so much. Sometimes I make bones to try and limit muscle movement somewhat, but it doesn't work that way. The bones just stretch. For an example, see The Glider v.2 on my profile.
Play Walkinator Walkinator Jul. 20, 2011
My first ever creature started with triangles like the instructions said and actually ended up looking and acting similar to a human. This is an amazing game and and instant favorite.
Play Change Kong Gender to Anything Change Kong Gender to Anything Jul. 13, 2011
Firebug and Web Dev wouldn't install correctly, Chrome wouldn't let me edit it, but I easily found out how to do it on Opera, and now I'm a burritoman. :D
Play Rhythm Fireworks Rhythm Fireworks Jul. 12, 2011
another great game from coolio. I hear some cornandbeans in there.
Play Grid16 Grid16 Jul. 11, 2011
The only time I've ever loved my lag. Another half second to think.
Play Cursor Theif Cursor Theif Jun. 30, 2011
I remember playing this... good times, good times....
Play Viricide Viricide Jun. 30, 2011
Play Viricide Viricide Jun. 29, 2011
... I'm feeling a bit like the robot right now... I got down to the last piece of it then died.
Play Viricide Viricide Jun. 29, 2011
The heart really should get weaker and easier to beat the more it's destroyed.