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Play Lands of Hope Redemption Lands of Hope Redemption Apr. 12, 2015
Best spell ever: Reaper. From the Necromancy school.
Play Elements Elements Feb. 27, 2015
Seriously, for all of those who've not had the honor of being warned yet, PVP is broke, PVP2 and Duels work sporadically. They generally work, but there are some spoofs sometimes.
Play Elements Elements Jan. 26, 2015
jooe15 the negative/vamped creature does do damage. Your looking at the wrong health bar. Try looking at your own. It works like that as a negative attack monster will heal what ever play its targeted at. A vamped creature steals health, and so a negative attack monster that heals the opponent while being vamped would damage yourself. Singularity decks are hard to use sometimes because of that alone.
Play Elements Elements Jan. 14, 2015
PvP1 is broken. PvP2 is slow, but it works. Duels are slow, but they work. Rate this up so that people will stop asking if pvp is broken.
Play Flatland: Fallen Angle Flatland: Fallen Angle Dec. 28, 2014
This game is actually quite easy....it's just a matter of angle-ing yourself correctly.
Play The Idle RPG The Idle RPG Nov. 19, 2014
I kinda glitched somehow. I seem to have infinite gold at level 8. Dwarf Necromancer FTW
Play Elements Elements May. 24, 2014
@rokoking The question isn't if someone knows a redeem code, but rather is someone willing to give you their hard-earned/payed for code.
Play Canabalt Canabalt Nov. 27, 2013
Wonder why his city is being destroyed.
Play Pocket Warriors Pocket Warriors Oct. 11, 2013
Scratch that, it doesnt work either.
Play Pocket Warriors Pocket Warriors Oct. 11, 2013
New link. + so teh nubses can see. http://www.jejagames.com/466,pocket-warriors.html
Play Nuclear Outrun Nuclear Outrun Sep. 09, 2013
All i can say is...i want dem tires.
Play The Fall of Mr. Wily The Fall of Mr. Wily Feb. 19, 2013
Now I know what to do when nothing goes my way.
Play Fantasy Online Fantasy Online Feb. 14, 2013
tobakshi, 8000 coins is still nothing. try offering a number with 6 zeros after it
Play Effing Meteors Effing Meteors Jul. 06, 2012
Play Effing Meteors Effing Meteors Jul. 06, 2012
200 mile planetoid. Took a screenshot of it too! :D
Play Nightmare Runner Nightmare Runner Jun. 01, 2012
Whats happening to the guy in the Gameover image? Looks like a preform of tentacle r@pe.
Play Nightmare Runner Nightmare Runner Jun. 01, 2012
Most dreaded thing to see: No Ammo
Play CS Portable CS Portable May. 17, 2012
@Epicnator He has to get the guns made then implement them before he can add the shop. @Igor why not add a bow and arrow or crossbow?
Play Rabbits for my Closet Rabbits for my Closet May. 16, 2012
Is that really Chunk Norris's pic on his wall?
Play Zombieman Zombieman May. 16, 2012
Should have a side-arm to kill the dogs with.