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Play Road of the Dead 2 Road of the Dead 2 Feb. 26, 2014
I've been trying for the past 2 hours now. The last badge is litterally impossible. Its not that 7k is hard, its because THE GAME FREEZES. Everytime around 4kish after i blow the helicopter the game just stays at one frame. I can change my weapon, reload, and hear the game sound. but the game stops at one frame. Something needs to be done about this.
Play  Desert Monster 2 Desert Monster 2 Feb. 27, 2013
There seems to be a major FPS issue during the levels that goes away near the finish. it started after level one and seems to be getting worse. =/
Play The Gaming Quiz The Gaming Quiz Feb. 25, 2013
78% thanks to round 6.... also what gamer DOES know the developers name?
Play Lost World 2 Lost World 2 Feb. 16, 2013
i just got molested by a big red zombie (
Developer response from Dat_Game

Yeah, they tend to do that.

Play Conan, the Mighty Pig Conan, the Mighty Pig Oct. 21, 2012
now only if piggeh said "Pewdie im pumped!"
Play Guerra Guerra Oct. 09, 2012
Play Colour Cube Colour Cube Oct. 09, 2012
can you put the correct color on the cube? i kept solving mine wrong becuase im used to the origonal colors =/and maybe a easyiey/faster way on rotating the cube? arrow keys for example. otherwise its good.
Play Save Toshi Save Toshi Oct. 02, 2012
may of been a glitch but i did level 2-10 in one shot
Play The Last Stand The Last Stand Oct. 02, 2012
@lightning you do know its NOT random? you get a weapon each time you meet the total hours spent searching. there is a bar on the bottom left of the screen showing your progress to the next weapon
Play Bullet Time Ninja Bullet Time Ninja Sep. 23, 2012
this has to be the best pixel game i EVER played. 5/5
Play SAS: Zombie Assault 3 SAS: Zombie Assault 3 Aug. 06, 2012
PLEASE center the camera? its annoying first of all and then it also lags the game a bit :(
Play Effing Worms 2 Effing Worms 2 Jul. 13, 2012
*gets 105 combo* finaly got the badge :P wait a minute highest 97? *@%&
Play Nuclear Outrun Nuclear Outrun May. 19, 2012
what a fail. 9km left and a bomb hit me so i bounced then lost! i can never win at these games
Play Tasty Planet: DinoTime Tasty Planet: DinoTime May. 19, 2012
@ CDL11, well if you payed attention you would of noticed he ate the EARTH 65 million years before he was created because he traveled back in time so destroying earth is also stopped him self from being created so he vanished.
Play Still Still May. 15, 2012
i just have been Mind-Fu**ed
Play Out of wind Out of wind May. 10, 2012
wow i was wrong on what i thought i had to do. erm isnt much of a windmill then is it? should be called a Gear Mill.
Play Gun Tycoon 2 Gun Tycoon 2 May. 08, 2012
well i clicked the shop tab and people where running around shooting each other. what have i caused!
Play Hero RPG Hero RPG May. 07, 2012
i cant belive it. i played this game YEARS ago. and for a month or two i remembered how i used to play this all the time. but i couldnt find it. but now i did!
Play Village of Nightmares Village of Nightmares May. 06, 2012
shoot was NOT working for me. i found 10 shiny machine guns but i died on first night anyway because i couldnt shoot >.>
Play Mechanics Mechanics May. 04, 2012
great game. its like a more challenging version of stacker. i meen the first levels are easy but damn the later on levels are difficult! great job. 5/5