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Play Noir Adventure Noir Adventure May. 31, 2015
The shortest game ever made.
Play Orchard House Escape Orchard House Escape May. 16, 2015
Not bad, but surely a circle counts as having one side?
Play Mr.Vengeance: Upgrade Mr.Vengeance: Upgrade Aug. 26, 2014
Is this just an updated version of act3? The story didnt make much sense between acts 2 & 3. Enjoyable standalone game though.
Play Must Escape the Clock Tower Must Escape the Clock Tower May. 13, 2013
What was in the book? I managed to escape without it. Decent game as usual from Flonga.
Play IPL Cricket 2013 IPL Cricket 2013 Apr. 10, 2013
Not too bad a game, apart from the repetative music and the spinners bowling obvious wide balls.