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Play Realm Grinder Realm Grinder May. 27, 2015
Bug: losing your entire save from a weeks worth of clicking when firefox crashes. Well it wasn't fun in the first place, just addicting. Thanks for wasting the worthless time of my life
Play Earn to Die 2: Exodus Earn to Die 2: Exodus May. 23, 2015
Good game, too loud. Had my speakers on 20% and it was a shock, woke up the gf in the next room. I have it on 2% and it's still loudish.
Play Idle Raiders Idle Raiders May. 10, 2015
I hate idle games. But I love this game
Play Royal Squad Royal Squad May. 04, 2015
5/5 game that I gave 3 stars because to 100% it I have to click your email opening a program on my computer I have no intention of using. Silly dev, that's a pretty nasty thing to do.
Play Royal Squad Royal Squad May. 04, 2015
Play Planet Smash Planet Smash Dec. 20, 2014
It's a nice concept but it's currently broken, I absorbed two gas giants and then started climbing levels in to the hundreds with no other content in the game.
Developer response from ava0a

This bug should be fixed now, thanks to your feedback!

Play Hard/Impoppable game Hard/Impoppable game Dec. 20, 2014
Your thumbnail was very misleading. This isn't much of a game. Keep trying though!
Developer response from joshiejo1

It was made to be impoppable.

Play Caravaneer 2 Caravaneer 2 Dec. 19, 2014
Everyone is telling me to lie to spencer rice, can someone please explain how to lie to him? I want the kivi to attack the drekar, I want to kill them but I can't figure out how. I've been save scumming so much because I keep messing it up.
Play Beyond The Universe Beyond The Universe Nov. 27, 2014
Electrons are much smaller then protons and neutrons. Unless we're talking about an electrons' quantum field(the area where an electron "particle" could possibly be at any given moment)
Play King's Rush King's Rush Oct. 14, 2014
The progress is much too slow. I can't waste hours on this. The gameplay is decent though. Fun game, but I don't have that much time for a bloody upgrade game.
Play Building Rush Building Rush Sep. 15, 2014
Sorry but I left a low rating because you don't have a loading screen mute button, I'm trying to listen to a podcast and then CLING CLANG SWORD NOISES. It's frustrating. If the game turns out to be good I'll bring it up to a 3.
Play Imperium 3 Imperium 3 Sep. 10, 2014
I don't know how this game has such A high rating. It's an idle game combined with a boardgame. Actually that sounds kinda cool...
Play Royal Warfare Royal Warfare Aug. 25, 2014
The hot keys are pretty useful though, great for creating simple formations.
Play Royal Warfare Royal Warfare Aug. 25, 2014
Look I really love the idea of this game, the stategy is fun and challenging. However the controls are brutal, trying to select characters is difficult most of the time and just now mid battle my favourite wizard starts walking in to the enemy, I clicked him and comanded him to move back to the formation but he kept walking. He killed himself and I had no control. It was very very frustrating because in my attempt to save him everyone else died from breaking formation. My time is valuable to me, each stage I have to repeat due to glitches and the like is very demotivational.
Play Dungelot Dungelot Dec. 12, 2012
You might want to tell everyone that holding down "Ctrl" and scrolling to zoom in fixes the screen issue. (make sure you click somewhere on the page out of the game first)
Play Decision 2 Decision 2 Sep. 04, 2012
second atm ever, *jackpot* money out the ass
Play Relic Of War Relic Of War Aug. 27, 2012
use 20 spells
Play Resistance Is Useless Resistance Is Useless Aug. 25, 2012
You've done a really good job with your criticism. 5/5
Developer response from pozirk


Play Resistance Is Useless Resistance Is Useless Jul. 30, 2012
In a game like this auto-shoot should be a default function. This game doesn't have the option. please change this. I love the radio stations in the pause menu though. Many more games should do this!! Also please allow people to mute before any sound happens in your games.
Developer response from pozirk

added. double click to turn on/off autofire.

Play Overhaul Overhaul Jul. 24, 2012
The best strat I have at least for now is to make sure I constantly build. don't let the line get full and you should have no trouble. move things around as needed and don't panic.