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Play Requiem Requiem Feb. 27, 2013
Online games shouldn't need anything outside of standard browser equipment. This is a flash game portal not one for your proprietary junkware that's for a single platform. -- 1/5
Play Game Corp Game Corp Jan. 09, 2013
Tried redesigning the workspace while they were working. Now one guy is stuck, his build partner is stuck in pre-production hogging the table and preventing any new game creation. This is a GAME BREAKING bug.
Play Jahooma's LogicBox Jahooma's LogicBox Aug. 30, 2012
Test #2 Step 2 is screwing up ABC, I delete A for BC = BC and it says it's incorrect.
Play Relic Of War Relic Of War Aug. 28, 2012
I beat the entire thing using only the initial units. O_o All the other units took forever to spawn and sucked. Never built turrets, because they did nothing half the time. Never used support, because it did nothing. Just spammed the initial units at their max level.
Play Stardrops Stardrops Aug. 13, 2012
Getting frozen in the meteors in multiple rounds cost me getting the bear in time for the 20 days achievement. -_-
Play Stardrops Stardrops Aug. 13, 2012
Yuck... Froze in a meteor in the beginning of a round. =(
Play Effing Worms 2 Effing Worms 2 Jul. 05, 2012
Why are the controls for left and right inverse?
Play Empires of Arkeia Empires of Arkeia Jun. 17, 2012
Wow... Am I the only one who heard the opening as "Gay Mark"???
Play Reactance 2 Reactance 2 Jun. 14, 2012
@Ardagan: It's a top-down scroller style game (describes movement/navigation style) in the shooter genre (describes action style) AKA a top-down shooter. It's shooter sub-genre is bullet hell.
Play Notebook Wars 3 Notebook Wars 3 Jun. 10, 2012
Bug: The 42 stars badge doesn't unlock when you have an excess of 42 stars. (I have 70/42 and it still hasn't unlocked.)
Developer response from matakukos

bug fixed, finish a level and you will get your badge :P

Play Notebook Wars 3 Notebook Wars 3 Jun. 09, 2012
Bug: After using survival mode I can't win any levels, even when I've killed off the last ship. Just keep flying forward eternally.
Play Monsters' Den Chronicles Monsters' Den Chronicles May. 25, 2012
Umm... O_o How many waves is chapter 4? Is this a survival mode or something where I have to eventually lose?
Developer response from garin

Yep. If you successfully retreat you get more gold than if you die.

Play Teddys Excellent Adventure Teddys Excellent Adventure May. 22, 2012
Don't like it because of the moving platforms alone. You shouldn't have to continue to walk on them and they shouldn't just appear at the beginning and vanish at the end. Makes the whole thing more difficult in a way that's just a reflection of sloppy programming. (Go on, just tell me you couldn't run the animation on those in reverse once it reaches the end instead of just looping it.)
Play Running Fred Running Fred May. 05, 2012
Yup, exactly what I want to add on top of my already crappy proprietary plugin is another crappy proprietary plugin for that already crappy plugin.
Play Nano Kingdoms Nano Kingdoms May. 03, 2012
Wow... The entire game beaten with the first character by simply strategically using his greater power to overwhelm the enemy forces... I mean, since all of the other characters seem to only have ridiculous defensive capabilities really.
Play Monsters TD Monsters TD Mar. 08, 2012
Great.... So my previous comment gets rated down because I pointed out a bug I'm suffering with this game? The camera still jumps when new waves begin or when selecting upgrades (seemingly)... I have no idea why your camera would shift on its own, but it makes the game almost impossible to play when you can't get to towers long enough to upgrade them.
Play Monsters TD Monsters TD Mar. 07, 2012
The screen moves on it's own occasionally... Really screwed up and renders the game virtually unplayable by the third level. (1/5)
Play Hordes of Hordes Hordes of Hordes Feb. 03, 2012
Needs a higher speed-up as each level takes way too long. (Not to mention no auto-waves.) HATE the waves that are immune to any of my built towers targeting them, having to rely on traps which can't be upgraded unless you grind through other levels for the resources to upgrade. Would like to see the bar from protector which displays the enemy waves rather than having to constantly pause the game to check. Then there's the target priority which isn't selectable and is also questionable. Why is he attacking the guy with full heath almost at the exit when he should be attacking the guy one hit away from death instead of letting both escape? -- Appreciate the effort and see a potentially awesome, epic game but until many of the issues are resolved, this is probably a sub-3/5 game.
Play Zombie Minesweeper Zombie Minesweeper Dec. 26, 2011
1/5ed just because I don't install plugins on my plugins for something that WebGL does without either.
Play Kingdom Rush Kingdom Rush Dec. 26, 2011
Upgrades should work in all levels and all variations of levels. +1 if you agree with this.