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Play Tower of London Tower of London Jul. 22, 2014
Like the game? Take it on the go! The android version of Tower of London is only $.99! https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.handtohandgames.toweroflondon
Play Evade Evade Jun. 13, 2011
I moved up past the edge of the screen and became invincible. You should fix that.
Developer response from David_The_Master

I'm not working on it, just studing.

Play the Human body game the Human body game Jun. 13, 2011
Wtf, why does crap like this get hundreds - thousands of plays when actual new games get so few >.>
Play Internet Assault Internet Assault Jun. 12, 2011
Please comment with suggestions for improvement, I will be sure to take comments into account as I update the game.
Play Chat Time Chat Time Jun. 11, 2011
We don't have to respect your "video" at all because this is a GAME site not a video sight. Go post your crap on Newgrounds if you don't have a game to upload.
Play Shoot Da Ball Shoot Da Ball Jun. 10, 2011
Interesting and fresh, I like it.
Play Ion's Lair - RPG Ion's Lair - RPG Jun. 09, 2011
1/5 flagged and reported. Your games are disappearing within just a few minutes now, go cry somewhere troll.
Play Fortold Journey Fortold Journey Jun. 09, 2011
1/5 and flagged and reported, like always.
Play Bounce The Ball Bounce The Ball Jun. 09, 2011
Ball always bounces at the same angle, no powerups, needs background music, etc.
Play Super Archer Super Archer Jun. 09, 2011
The game isn't stolen. It's based on Bowman 2, and may even be a clone, but there's nothing wrong with that.
Play Project Box Project Box Jun. 09, 2011
The player gets stuck way too easily, a box that's the exact size of a gap should be able to go through it no problems.
Play Maplestory Monster Hackers Maplestory Monster Hackers Jun. 09, 2011
This is just a flimsy reskining of the example game in Stencyl.
Play Triangular Fractals Triangular Fractals Jun. 09, 2011
That's not how fractals work. Also, this is a math toy not a game.
Play Mario Tractor Mario Tractor Jun. 08, 2011
Your game is not fun to play, which means that it fails.
Play Wrath of the god Wrath of the god Jun. 08, 2011
I like how simple and well executed the gameplay is. 3/5, would have been higher if there was more depth to the game.
Play RPG Shooter: Starwish RPG Shooter: Starwish Jun. 07, 2011
Wow. I was expecting this to be a troll game with how epic the description sounded, but I was pleasantly surprised. Well done!
Play Drums Drums Jun. 07, 2011
Maybe if you made some songs to play or something this would count as a game rather than a short lived musical toy.
Play Scooby BMX Action Scooby BMX Action Jun. 07, 2011
Are these kinds if games even legal?
Play Another Soundboard for your life Another Soundboard for your life Jun. 07, 2011
Do you have permission to use those sounds?
Play b24 Bomber b24 Bomber Jun. 07, 2011
The plane cannot move. The game is impossible to lose and boring. The enemies do not move and their attacks don't go anywhere. The music is stolen from a mario game.