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Play 2071 2071 Jun. 04, 2012
bit hard to see the shots, and i hit a mountain while i was slowing down killed me... but not bad. 4/5
Play Paladog Paladog Jun. 02, 2012
level 70 and the Mice are still the backbone of my army...
Play Nyos Nyos Jan. 02, 2012
i had just finished level 1 while useing lightning and freeze when the screen became all blury after i finished the level. Ill post this in the bugs as well. has potential though. 3/5
Developer response from Marmph

The blurry screen bug has been fixed as of version 1.11. sorry that I didn't fix this earlier.

Play Space Game Space Game Jan. 02, 2012
why am i attacking my own ship over and over?
Play Turtle Rider Turtle Rider Jan. 02, 2012
why is the elf riding the turtle?
Play What World of Warcraft class are you? What World of Warcraft class are you? Jan. 02, 2012
Apprently this guy dislikes hunters... whatever they are... and apprently im a ranger and a mage while still sucking......
Play Castle Defense Dodger (2-players) Castle Defense Dodger (2-players) Jan. 02, 2012
i dont get it, how could they have ,=made that great cover art but have such terrible graphics.... 1/5
Play Anime RPG Anime RPG Jan. 02, 2012
.... ever heard of spell check? or and RPG that doesnt stand for Really Pathetic Game?
Play CEO Strategy CEO Strategy Jan. 02, 2012
1) Rated game, 1/5 2) Flagged game, has no gaming purpose 3) add and vote on tags, voted down on everything so that it wont be found on any filter
Play  Nyan Cat Christmas Nyan Cat Christmas Dec. 23, 2011
not too bad i guess, good little arcade game, 2/5
Play Starcraft 2 Starcraft 2 Dec. 23, 2011
Terrible game, unoriganal and has nothing to do with the actual game (those towers arnt even in the game, there from Warcraft) game flagged, 1/5
Play ROOD ROOD Dec. 23, 2011
Not a bad 1st try, the graphics are good for a pixelated game, the character could use some kind of back story or reason to throw himself suicidally into those rotating spikes of death... 2/5 normally, but for your first try ill give you a 3/5,....
Play Mudkip Jump Mudkip Jump Dec. 23, 2011
fairly buggy platformer, bad graphics and annoying gameplay, 1/5
Play Loneliness Loneliness Dec. 21, 2011
More of an Arcade game then one id want to play on the web, not much point or story depth, 2/5
Play The end The end Dec. 21, 2011
This game has a TON of potential, a backstory and more monsters would be great, best one of these Ludam Game Contest games ive played so far. Great Work! be proud of this. 3/5, or 7/10 Good Work!
Developer response from zinkinteractive

Thank you. Consider my heart warmed! :)

Play Metamorphosis Metamorphosis Dec. 21, 2011
The game has a bit of potential, the story line needs to be improved as well as more junk food, 2/5
Play House Pizza For Obama House Pizza For Obama Dec. 21, 2011
Why cant i add something to make it extra good, like broken glass, or uranium?
Play Naughty Graduation Naughty Graduation Dec. 21, 2011
1/5, terrible game honestly, no point to it what so ever
Play Mole Conqueror Mole Conqueror Dec. 21, 2011
Where are all these moles coming from?
Play Sled Rush Sled Rush Dec. 21, 2011
"Penguins can fly, if they have a rocket sled!!" Learn to Fly?