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Play The King of Towers The King of Towers Aug. 18, 2014
Shameless clone != mash-up of 2 or more genres, of which 1 is very similar to a game you like. The energy system in this and most MMOs, in itself, isn't the problem -- the problem is the extremely protracted energy regeneration times designed to feed the money grub... but the worst part of this game (yes, even including the hideous forced tutorial) is the LAG.
Play 1Quest 1Quest Aug. 05, 2014
And thus, a new word was born: Sout (v) -- to exhibit such brazen unfairness as to cause the majority of deaths in a Rogue-like; one who souts.
Play Legend of Kalevala Legend of Kalevala Aug. 01, 2014
Good game, but: "I should investigate. I know I shouldn't, [...]"? Also, personal != personnel (there are at least 2 places with this error).
Play Toy Defense Toy Defense Jun. 05, 2014
So an enemy dropped a rifle barrel, which was great since I needed one for research... except when I go to research it still says I need to ask a friend or buy. Constantly bugging people or having to grind because I choose not to doesn't seem like very good game design to me.
Play BattleCraft BattleCraft Mar. 31, 2014
It keeps giving me a "Your session is dead or invalid" message when I try to play from my home computer.
Developer response from hellgrimm

Hi dragon - Are you still having this problem? It might be possible you logged in during our weekly maintenance and patch. Thanks.

Play GreenOrb GreenOrb Mar. 17, 2014
Has potential, but there are a few problems that should be resolved: if there is an item at an entrance/exit, clicking on the item should NOT activate the exit; HP potion use is a bit iffy (I've had a few times when it didn't seem to do anything, and I don't think my aim was THAT off); sometimes opening chests would make the prize "jump" toward the left edge of the screen (giving me less time to notice and pick it up). Since there are no drawbacks to higher-level equipment, auto-equip would be nice, especially since there is no way to check the stats of a found item apart from "trying it on". Some indicator for how much XP characters level up at would be nice, too. Ability to sell unwanted items, convert them to XP, or maybe just be able to drag them onto the forge screen to decrease the cost of a similar upgrade...?
Developer response from zzulian

thanks for feedback and remarks.

Play Renegade Renegade Jan. 04, 2014
OK, so clicking on "Menu" will pause/show info screen, and moving mouse to centre of ship will stop thruster (though your aim will probably be wigging out). Changing missions by clicking on it costs money.
Play Renegade Renegade Jan. 04, 2014
Looks good, plays ok, but info screen should also show what each type's radar colour is, and some indicator of what it is vulnerable to (I just wasted all of my bombs and missiles trying to destroy a colony to no avail, only to get it with a rocket... Had it been taking damage? IDK). I assume info screen is shown whenever game is paused (it CAN be paused, yes?). Missions with multiple units to target should count down as progression is completed. ...And being able to turn on a pixel dime instantaneously was... unexpected. Adjustable thrust would be nice.
Developer response from zzulian

you can destroy buildings only with orckets, missiles, bombs. to pause the game, just go to shop or click on the menu button.. thx for remarks.

Play Ernesto - A Quick RPG Ernesto - A Quick RPG Jan. 01, 2014
I liked it, but: For the few times I played (back when it loaded), the oracle and antidote only ever appeared on the first dungeon level, but were only effective the moment I landed on them (so the antidote couldn't ever keep me from getting poisoned by the gas cloud guarding the demon, and since the sword was required to kill the demon, that meant that every snake after level 1 was off limits -- and trying to reach the oracle generally isn't worth it, as avoiding the tunnels isn't an issue until deeper in). Were they supposed to be permanent or appear on each level?
Play Royal Offense Royal Offense Oct. 17, 2013
Since units bunch up, it is quite often impossible to tell when a unit is about to die (unless it happens to be on "top" -- and wizard healers aren't remotely reliable), so a scrollable unit list that the player can apply the spell to would be good (particuarly if it sorts by most wounded/least life).
Play Battle Conquest Battle Conquest Aug. 14, 2013
Too funny: people praising this game for not having an energy system, when the high across-the-board-for-everything resource costs and excrutiatingly slow resource generation are far more constricting than any energy system I have yet to encounter... Maybe people just don't like the word "energy"?
Play Crossroads: The Haze Crossroads: The Haze Jun. 02, 2013
OK, the ending works for me now. Thanks.
Play Crossroads: The Haze Crossroads: The Haze Jun. 01, 2013
Just did it with a different party, same result. IE 9.0.8...
Developer response from Berzee

Ok, I *think* I have fixed it now (the Kongregate version of the game locked up my IE too, but I was able to see the ending with the new version I just uploaded). Computers is hard. D:

Play Crossroads: The Haze Crossroads: The Haze Jun. 01, 2013
Actually, I did it with the same line up and no one getting knocked out, and the same thing happened.
Developer response from Berzee

Alas, I just tried the same party configuration and got to see the glorious ending. I will keep trying to track down the problem though...incidentally what browser are you using? I very much doubt it makes a difference, but who can say? (Failing all else I could upload the inspiring final cutscene to youtube =P)

Play Crossroads: The Haze Crossroads: The Haze Jun. 01, 2013
Killing the last enemy on the last level doesn't end the level (I've tried at least three times now. Paladin/Archer/Ninja/Sorceror, at least one get knocked unconscious every time I try). Other than that, seems a nice game (though I think hiring the quide or the bard should have some small additional benefit... Maybe the bard could randomly shave off one turn of cooldown time on a random cooling-down ability? And the guide could show what will be coming next down a given path? As is, I need the money for the inn, so there's no reason to ever bother with them (the guide telling you which of two locations has less golems is only needed once, and its still not worth it).
Developer response from Berzee

Strange bug! I'll try it with that combination and an unconscious hero on the last level. Sorry you haven't been able to see the glorious ending :( I'll definitely try to think of some ways to make the people you can hire in town more interesting, if I get a chance to do an updated version. =)

Play Garden of War 2 Garden of War 2 Apr. 23, 2013
Search function for levels needs some way to exclude (or sort on) levels hat have been completed (or completed at a specified difficulty setting).
Developer response from Warstrider

I've been trying approach after approach, but regrettably I cannot add this functionaliy. The core architecture of the portal screen has, in hindight, a huge flaw in it. That flaw prevents any knd of sorting or filtering off of "Win Status". Sorry dragon_of_celts. If I think of a workaround in the future i'll add it but for were out of luck.

Play Garden of War 2 Garden of War 2 Apr. 06, 2013
Level 3 puzzle hint: The Vile won't take over the flag space. Didn't realize that. Kind of important to know.
Play Garden of War 2 Garden of War 2 Apr. 05, 2013
Overall, I like it; but I think the fire/water random disasters need to be a bit less harsh. A way to mitigate them (e.g., sprayer/sandbag(?) units) would be nice. ...As far as the puzzle levels (by RedeemedWahrior), after 2 uber-easy ones the 3rd has me stumped. It doesn't appear to me to even be possible, but 2 people here have said that the LAST one (4th) stumped them, so I guess I'm just missing something...?
Developer response from Warstrider

The severity of the disasters are controlled by the mapmaker and range from "none" to "slay them all". For the time being your on yor own, no support units. But it is something i'm considering adding at a later date.

Play Solitaire Hero Solitaire Hero Mar. 13, 2013
I encountered 6 12's in one game... so obvously there s smething amiss.
Developer response from Stending

I don't understand.. The game checks that all 52 "cards" are unique and there are no duplicates. You should meet 4 times the same number, but with a different family. Thank you anyway for the feedback.

Play Spacexx Spacexx Mar. 09, 2013
No reason to not fire? Autofire. Make power-ups the shape of the ship or round or something that sets them apart from the enemies other than just colour. Make the wall segment where enemies are going to appear change colour or flash to indicate imminent arrival. Make achievements have effects (e.g., extra shield capacity, bonus damage vs certain enemies, etc). Also, explosions often appear opposite of where they should. I'd think that shockwave would push back enemies that it doesn't kill.
Developer response from IceBreaker23

Thanks for the feedback! I disagree with the autofire, but the other points are really good and I will consider them when I update the game. EDIT: I built in an autofire button, because many ppl seem to want it.