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Play Awesome XL Awesome XL Oct. 12, 2013
highscore: 120 :p
Play Awesome XL Awesome XL Oct. 12, 2013
Needs kongregate API, so the highscore is global. Other than that it is a good game
Play Cursed Treasure 2 Cursed Treasure 2 Sep. 04, 2013
Hint: In "Night mode", you can attack gold mines and mana pools even if they are in the dark. If you need a good location, but can't get to it in night mode. Build a "Den" and upgrade it to a "balista", it got a huge range.
Play Rise of Mythos Rise of Mythos May. 21, 2013
The pay to win factor would be okay IF you was not able to buy packs with gold. (The VIP 3 pack destroys the game). It is a good game otherwise
Play Hordes and Lords Hordes and Lords Oct. 27, 2012
great game, just a small note. WE ARE on kongregate. you do not need he in-game ad here. It is in the way when I play!
Developer response from yarg__

You must not see any advertisement if you play on kongregate. Kongregate's button "more games" is the part of branding, you can see it in any sponsored by Kongregate game.

Play Overkings Overkings Oct. 17, 2012
The game feels laggy. I press the attack button 4-5 times before it react 1-2 seconds later
Play GoldSlots GoldSlots Oct. 09, 2012
click a button, click a button, click a button. Oh, I can pay kreds and the game will click the button for me! Idle-kred game, no thanks! There is much better "click a button" games on kongregate that do not ask for my money all the time! Go back to facebook where you belong!
Play GoldSlots GoldSlots Oct. 09, 2012
please remove all the "share" buttons on all things. They just make me irritated.
Developer response from davidpchiu

Dragpnewyn - the share popup for achievements has been removed and only shows up when you level up every 5 levels.

Play Zombotron 2 Zombotron 2 Jul. 10, 2012
at level 6, all my guns started shooting bubbles and did 0dmg. Can I turn it off somehow? >.> guns work normal at level 1-5
Play Enigmata: Stellar War Enigmata: Stellar War May. 17, 2012
how to get 10k kills in the "infected drones" mission: spread your base all over the map. You do not need the defensive structures. Remember!!! before you start: Go to options -> turn of auto pause (then you can go afk I do something else and wait until you get 10k kills). :)
Developer response from kidgamez

That probably won't work..

Play Freefall Tournament Freefall Tournament Apr. 19, 2012
Waiting for an European server! Maybe one of the best games I played on kongregate for a long time. Add more maps, custom armors, new guns, level up skill system. Please! Do not ruin this game with "real money shop" and things. Be loyal to the players and this game will live forever!
Developer response from freerangegames

If you would like a server in Europe please tip us a few Kreds. If we get enough, we will set one up right away. ....................... Wait no longer. We decided to go ahead and eat the cost for a server, since we had so many people playing from Europe. P.S. You can still tip in appreciation. :) UPDATE: just added Cash prices to permanent weapons!

Play Epic War Saga Epic War Saga Apr. 17, 2012
Look promising, but I got problems with the connections sometimes.
Play Attack Of The Stick People Attack Of The Stick People Apr. 16, 2012
score 439, first try. My arm hurt after a short time of play time! In the next game. Try make so you do not need to click! Just hold the button hurt less :)
Developer response from sonic6676

i've been trying to add a machine gun to no success, ive been at it for over 4 hours... i'll keep trying though... and wow... you beat my score by a landslide i just rewrote a new method for making a machinegun... i think i should have it up and running soon

Play Royal Envoy 2 Royal Envoy 2 Apr. 16, 2012
I suspected it would be a short game when I saw the "demo" tag. But when I got a black screen after the first level I laugh. But please, in next game write "DEMO" in the name of the game so I know I do not need too play it. We do not want to play demos, they are just annoying and just reduce the chance that I ever will buy the game. Try find another way to encourage us to buy the game :)
Play Kill the Heroes Kill the Heroes Mar. 29, 2012
a suggestion for a hard badge: Complete all levels without use teleport. Possible but hard! :P
Play Clash of the Dragons Clash of the Dragons Nov. 22, 2011
First thing I see is the energy bar that show me how long I can play this game *quiting game*. (+ this if you like bacon)
Developer response from 5thPlanetGames

Hey there, We appreciate your feedback on this mechanic of our game. Please keep in mind, that as you level up not only does your maximum energy increase, but your energy regeneration also increases so you can play for longer and more often. :) Thank you!

Play Realm of the Mad God Realm of the Mad God Oct. 31, 2011
Lol, my first thought's was: "Woah, I play anti idle battle arena 3D"
Play The Last Stand: Union City The Last Stand: Union City Sep. 28, 2011
For options: add a "turn autosave off". My companion died :c stupid autosave killed her!
Play Solarmax Solarmax Jul. 01, 2011
Hint for medals: You must play on "normal" too get medals. Try rushing your enemy! for e.g on level 15, send directly all of your ships and take his laser tower before he get it, then the other laser, then defend the one he attack and then kill him. Easy win under 40 seconds.
Play Flagstaff: Chapter Three Flagstaff: Chapter Three Jun. 19, 2011
way too easy. Upgrade the rangers range + damage + dual ability. Then you can shoot enemies from long range without the enemy even try attack you. Then boost healing for the healer and "royal command" for the king (so ranger can shoot one more time or healer heal one extra time). Next thing you upgrade is the wizard. Range is OP in this game :P