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Play The Last Stand: Union City The Last Stand: Union City Jun. 15, 2014
wait If I hear the noise where zombies break into a house through a roof outside does that mean? oh shit...
Play Last Legacy: Null Space Last Legacy: Null Space Jun. 11, 2014
the music is great the levels of this game are wonderful over all this game is a 9/10 :)
Play City Siege 2 City Siege 2 Jun. 07, 2014
its sad they nerfed the spy :(
Play Infectonator: Hot Chase Infectonator: Hot Chase Jun. 04, 2014
when getting gold I got 666 coins O-o
Play Mutilate-a-Doll 2 Mutilate-a-Doll 2 Jan. 06, 2014
I managed to glitch the broad sword with the booster
Play Dueling Blades Dueling Blades Dec. 08, 2013
I would like to report a literal massive bug this glitch makes your sprite bigger then the screen but still functional this glitch happens commonly or about alot.... please will you fix it :)
Play Dueling Blades Dueling Blades Dec. 06, 2013
Aw fack im permently glitched :P
Play Dueling Blades Dueling Blades Dec. 06, 2013
Wo Wo I just found a litteral massive bug Im giant now! I don't know what happened all I know is this happend in battlefield with the giant people or was that call of duty eather way Wtf Im giant xD
Play Good Daddy 2 Good Daddy 2 Nov. 18, 2013
dad: go fowerd dad:stop *a pit is infront of the son* dad : go
Play Cursed Treasure 2 Cursed Treasure 2 Nov. 10, 2013
lol skirim refrence on the bard xD
Play BattleCry BattleCry Oct. 13, 2013
the wizards on act two are really ****ing annyoing how do you even kill them?
Play Incursion Incursion Aug. 30, 2013
Me : ok im on my last wave this will be not very hard with all my soldiers Me : wow only one soul sucker thats nice :) *beats the wave* Soulsucker : NOPE
Play Flatland: Fallen Angle Flatland: Fallen Angle Aug. 16, 2013
also one more thing I was trying to kill my own triangle then I could go through walls lol xD
Play Flatland: Fallen Angle Flatland: Fallen Angle Aug. 16, 2013
I love this game when I killed that boss in one shot that's a little lame you need to make the boss a little harder make him a different shape because if you can 1 hit kill a boss there as easy as a square to kill :P
Play A Second Chance A Second Chance Aug. 01, 2013
me : not enough fun on board * leaves * detonate bomb* WTF I GO INTO THE ASTRIOD LOLOLOL
Play A small talk at the back of beyond A small talk at the back of beyond Jul. 16, 2013
me : "can I see photos" computer: "great we will luanch a chess game me : -_-
Play Elephant Quest Elephant Quest May. 12, 2013
lol the theme of a elephant going this far is redicoulous and how the hell does a elephant get LAZARS? its a fun game tho :D
Play Giants and Dwarves TD Giants and Dwarves TD May. 07, 2013
3 words to ******* HARD
Play Super Duck Punch! Super Duck Punch! Mar. 24, 2013
me: i BELIVE I CAN FLY!! *goes off the screen* hydra: do you think we wen't to far i mean really hydra: i think so :l hydra: i don't think hes coming back... anouncer: well uhh i geuss the hydra wins hydra: :D hydra: :D hydra: :D hydra: :l
Play CellCraft CellCraft Mar. 11, 2013
wow how do they even trust that robot if it trys to kill the cell its histarical XD