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9-10-1997 - 9-24-2013 R.I.P a little buddy named Sega,loved by the family,loved by all. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Note:We only accept Kongregate cash/kredit or krebit ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Alcohol prices: Any drink other then beer is 3.00 for a small 12 of glass or 5.00 for a 24 oz glass Any beer brand - 3.00 for a regular 16 oz glass,7.00 for a 16 oz 6 pack ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Chicken Wings/Buffalo Wings/Crab Legs/Turkey Wings(Each basket comes with 10 celery sticks and a thing of blue cheese as well as a basket of garlic bread minis) - 3.00 for a basket of 10 or 6.00 for a basket of 30 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Milkshakes - 2.00 for a small 8 oz or 4.00 for a large 16 oz Flavors:Chocolate,Vanilla,Ice Tea,Strawberry,Banana and Banana with chocolate,Bubblegum,Chocolate chip mint,Cookie Dough,Dr.Pepper Explosion(Vanilla ice cream mixed with Dr.Pepper soda,chocolate chips,bananas and strawberries)and Rocky Road. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Sodas are 75 cents for a 12 oz can or 2.00 for a 2 liter of soda. Different soda brands:Pepsi,Coke Cola,Sprite,Ice Tea,Dr.Pepper,Cherry Coke/Pepsi/Dr.Pepper,Diet Mt.Dew/Pepsi/Coke Cola/Dr.Pepper,Mt.Dew and Sierra Mist ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Pizza - 3.00 for a small(8 slices)5.00 for a medium(12 slices)8.00 for a large(16 slices)12.00 for an x-large(25 slices) for plain.If you want a pizza with toppings that is an extra dollar(Example:4.00 for a small if including toppings) Toppings:Pepperoni/Mushroom/Spinach/Ham/Bacon/Human Bones or Squid Tentacles. Each extra set of toppings are 75 cents a set. Extra Cheese:50 cents per extra layer Extra Sauce:60 cents per extra spoonful -------------------------------------------------------------------- Cookies - 1.00 per cookie or 5.00 for a box of 24 cookies. Kinds of cookies:Chocolate Chip/Oatmeal or Peanut Butter ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Cakes/Cheesecakes/Pies - 1.00 for a slice or 5.00 for a whole pie/cake Flavors:Devils Food,Chocolate Swirl/Cherry/Apple/Chocolate with chocolate filling/Angels Food and Red Velvet. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hoagies are 1.00 for a 6ft or 3.00 for a 10 ft. Ham and Cheese/Turkey and Cheese/Roast Beef and Cheese or Bacon and Cheese. Each hoagie will usually include mayo and/or oil if the customer ask but extra of one or both will be 75 for another dab of one or both. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Waters - 1.00 a bottle or 3.00 for a case of 50. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Salads - 3.00 a bowl(each serving comes with a thing of garlic bread and a side of Ranch/French or Vinegar dressing) Different Kinds:Chef's Salad/Tuna Salad/Turkey Salad/Ham Salad or Bacon Salad ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Garlic Bread - 1.00 for a 6 ft roll,with cheese it's 75 cents more. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Bowls of Corn/Mashed Potatoes or String Beans - 1.00 for a small bowl or 3.00 for a large. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Baked Potatoes - Plain is 2.00(each one comes with a side of sour cream) or with cheese it's 75 cents more Toppings:Ham/Turkey or Bacon is 75 cents. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Potatoes skins are 2.00 for 4 or 4.00 for 8,bacon is 50 cents extra. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- French Fries/Curly Fries/String Shoe Fries - 3.00 for a box of 30. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Breakfast Platters - 3.00 for each one. Platters:Pancakes/Scrambled Eggs and Sausage(includes 3 things of butter and a small bottle of syrup as well as fork and knife) Or 2 plain bagels with cream cheese/butter,10 hash browns and scrambled eggs. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Juice - 2.00 for a 12 oz bottle. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- History of Ocean Palace:Ocean Palace was founded in 900 B.C by Davelis Magimus.It wasn't into the year 1223 that Ocean Palace had a thriving village with over 200 people.It wouldn't be for another 200 years before the first war began against Pride which was known as Pridoco back in those days.The war had lasted 15 long months and over 500 lives were lost that day,from both chats.Through time our ancestors have left us behind various treasures such as the "Deep Blue Oyster Pearl" and "The Gold Wing".A lot of these treasures can be found within the first floor the museum but others would be on the second floor with the paintings.The third floor holds many sculptures and the gift shop. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Deep Blue Oyster Pearl - A pearl that was found in 1803 by Cubclik and his tribe who held onto it into 1820 where it had vanished.It was rediscovered in 1945 by Julian Misertro who kept it safe into the this museum opened,5 years later. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Gold Wing - Said to be the wing of a rare species of Ocean Palace creatures,this wing was discovered only recently by our current room owner,Dave.The wing itself can go over as much as 1.2 million if sold,not much is known ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Mystery X - A painting that was painted by Paulmo in the late 18th century.This painting was meant to represent his odd life back in those times as well as where he would go missing,10 years later after this painting was created. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Two Cupid Arrows - Known as the "Love Statue" this sculpture was created in 1409 by Julias Martay.She stated that if held by someone on Valentines Day it can bring good fortune and love will last forever in that person's life. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- The mutated Pickle - Designed by artist Ebolosto the Second.The pickle,which was made in 1748 was made to show the crops that would not grow very well.This was during the "Bad Crop Period" ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Somewhere Over The Rainbow - Created by artist Natono in 1954.He got inspired by the movie,"The Wizard of Oz" and so this was created.The many colors used for the rainbow such as pickle green and potato brown as well as sunshine yellow,shows how much inspiration he got. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Pikapika - Created by Eb395 in 2009,this being the newest ones to come to this museum it was created because of the artist love for Pokemon.Not much other is known. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- A Tile Beneath My Head - A large tile that is in-scripted with the letter "Q",not much is known but is believed to be from the 34 A.D period. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- A Fork and a Ladder - A statue that was created using many forks this piece was created in 1789 by artist Natlia Manamoso. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Pink Dress Script - A script that was created for the very first movie ever made in Ocean Palace,it was written by Producer Sascolo in 1902.

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