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    Jul. 10, 2009

9-10-1997 – 9-24-2013 R.I.P a little buddy named Sega,loved by the family,loved by all.

In a land where magical creatures exist and humans dare to tremble, comes a place known as Ocenia. A place where almost anything goes. A girl that goes by the name, Juliena, begins her new life with her lifelong friend, Eliotamal. It’s a little after dawn when our heroes are awoken by a noise outside. Outside the front door of their shared two bedroom home, they are frozen in place by what they see. The view seen from their eyes reveals a comet. This would not be an ordinary comet, however, but rather something special inside. “Juliena. What does the young lady make of this?” Said Eliotamal. “Juliena does not know but she shall check out the inside.” Juliena replied. Both stared at one another before Juliena reached her hand out and tried touching the object. Before anything could happen the comet had opened; She was a bit frightened but somehow knew it was coming. An egg had come out of the comet. Eliotamal had walked over to the egg, touching it. Suddenly it started hatching, Eliotamal stepped back in confusion and fear. Inside the egg appeared a small kitten with wings. Eliotamal grabbed the cat and stared deeply in its eyes. Juliena was none to pleased by this small creatured, though she allowed her friend to keep it. The two walked back in their home, packing up for their journey. Eliotamal began playing with the kitty, of which he named Jennicer. Juliena then proceeded to slap him and remind him of their journey, reminding him about what the journey was for, to retrieve Eliotamal’s mother. He rubbed his cheek and looked at her, feeling a bit upset. She sighed, she began to speak. “Eliotamal. Do you not care about your mother?”
Said Juliena. “Of course I do, she is everything to me.” He replied. “Then why do you play with the young animal and not pack your stuff?” She had asked him. “Well because she is fluffy and small. She needs our love, Juliena.” He replied. She walked away frustrated, packing both their stuff. The both began to leave the house. As both of them leave, Juliena suggest to Eliotamal to get rid of his new pet. He declines. “I never understood your mind, Eliotamal. It’s odd and yet interesting. All in one. But getting to the point. PUT THAT PET DOWN BEFORE I USE ONE OF MY DAMN DEMON SPELLS ON IT!” Said Juliena. “But she’s too cute. I can’t let her go. Please understand this. She’s my cute little baby.” He replied. She rolled her eyes at him, frustrated. Both of them proceeded onward into the nearby forest. As they venture forward they run into an old man by the name of Davedeus. He tells them of a large creature up ahead. One that kills almost all the newest that dare venture into its territory. TBC..

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