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    Jul. 10, 2009
9-10-1997 - 9-24-2013 R.I.P a little buddy named Sega,loved by the family,loved by all. List of anime I can recommend (Tenkai Knights - 4 kids who fight against an evil warlord named Vilius and his minions Slyger and Granox along with their fighters known as the corrupted on a planet named Quarton. The kids work along side a group known as the corekai and their leader Beag. The 4 characters, beginning with the main protagonist is named Guren Nash, age 13. A boy who moves from Middletown to Benham City because of his dad's work. On QUarton he is known as one of the legendary Tenkai Knights named Bravenwolf. Next is his friend who he meets at school named Ceylan Jones, age 13 as well. He is known as Tributon on Quarton. Next is Toxsa Dalton, age 12, Known as Valorn. Chooki Mason is the 4th protagonist and is known as Lydendor, he's 13. Lastly is Gen Inuk and Beni, both 13. Gen is known as Dromus while Beni is Venetta. - 52 episodes, season 1, season 2 in production - Dubbed, subbed and RAW(Japanese with no subtitles)) --- (Chobits - Main protagonist, Hideki Motosuwa, finds a persocom that is not like any other one(computers that look just like computers) one day after moving from a life on a farm to the city. Unlike other persocoms the one he obtains doesn't know anything so he must teach her everything, though sometimes this is easier said than done. - 27 episodes, completed - Dubbed and subbed) --- (MM - Main protagonist Taro Sado is a masochist(gets turned on by pain from women)who joins a club which he doesn't exactly know much about. The club he joins tries helping him with his issue. - 12 episodes , completed - Subbed only) --- (Ouran High School Host Club - A show about a host club( a club that tries to make young ladies happy by being romantic, if that is what it's called :P). Main protagonist Haruhi Fujioka joins the club after accidentally breaking a vase that was suppose to be auctioned off. As part of breaking it she must join in order to pay back the debt. - 26 episodes, completed - Dubbed and subbed) --- (Okamisan and her Seven Companions - Follows various fairy tales like Red Riding Hood and The Hare and The Rabbit, main protagonist Ryōko Ōkami(The wolf) lives with a friend known as Akai Ringo(Little red riding hood) since her middle school days. Both friends help to run a club or something that basically helps those in need by having people give them money in return for doing the task that someone ask for help with. - 12 episodes, completed(or maybe not ;)) - Dubbed and subbed) --- (Elemental Gelade - A teen boy who lives among these people known as sky pirates after he was abandoned as a young child. During his adventures he meets a girl who he finds in a box, she is known as an Edel Raid(hard to say what they are exactly). The Edel Raid is known as Ren and is not sure what has happened. In the mist of meeting a fight breaks out in the front part of the ship with these people from this organization(or whatever)known as Arc Aile who want to find Ren to protect her from harm. - 27 episodes, completed. - Dubbed and subbed.) --- (Case Closed(Detective Conan in Japanese) - A 17 year old detective and high school boy named Jimmy Kudo or Shinichi Kudo(Japanese name) winds up becoming a child again after investigating a crime during a trip he takes with an old friend. After investigating these guys who are known as the Men in Black, he is knocked out and is fed a pill which makes him become a 6-7 year old(see the wiki) again.He wakes up to find the police trying to help him but rather then get help he runs to the house of an old family friend for help on how to resolves this. His only solution is to find the people who did this to him. While in the process he winds up staying with his high school friend, Rachael Moore and her dad Richard Moore in order to find them since her dad is a detective. - 784 episodes, ongoing. - Dubbed till 130 and subbed throughout.)

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