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Play Hexagon Hexagon Feb. 27, 2012
No scratch that, hexagon it is! I think I'll go shower away the stress now.
Play Hexagon Hexagon Feb. 27, 2012
forever a pentagon :(
Play Save Me Mr. Galactic! Save Me Mr. Galactic! Jun. 23, 2011
crazy music! I must say I experienced some lag, it's hard to time your shots that way. But very promising.
Play Frequency Frequency Jun. 23, 2011
the Sharendipity server does not appear to be responding?
Play The Heart Attack The Heart Attack Jun. 23, 2011
what is the name of the end song?
Play Medieval Sokoban Medieval Sokoban Jun. 03, 2011
GRIDS, that's what this game needs.
Play Incident 9:02 Incident 9:02 May. 25, 2011
Also fell from building. I hate bugs.
Play Tobe's Hookshot Escape Tobe's Hookshot Escape May. 20, 2011
My best height = 196 and I don't have Explorer achievement (reach 80). -_-
Play p.i.g p.i.g May. 19, 2011
Why is pressing ONE key ONCE enough for the whole game to restart? MAYBE you could add a little pause screen asking the player if he really wants to quit (what's the point of returning to the menu screen anyways) or if he just accidentally hit that goddamn Q button!
Play Gold Thirsty Gold Thirsty May. 16, 2011
Play Vexation Vexation May. 13, 2011
Act 8: Stage 7 = b*tch. I got a bit (no wait, a lot) frustrated then and quit. Otherwise, fun game.
Play K.O.L.M.I.A.M. K.O.L.M.I.A.M. May. 05, 2011
Play House of Dead Ninjas House of Dead Ninjas Apr. 05, 2011
I'm pretty sure this is stolen. This game belongs to Megadev and Adult Swim. Dropdead_damon, if you are what I believe you are (a dirty thief who is taking credit for others hard work), I will hunt you down.
Play Sky Island Sky Island Apr. 04, 2011
Nice artwork. But the concept isn't new (Fez, Super Paper Mario, Crush,..) But then again, every single platformer is 'copied' from Super Mario Bros. So I don't mind. This was highly enjoyable.
Play Hue Runner Hue Runner Apr. 03, 2011
Hue Shift, Color Theory, Canabalt,.. This game is very similar to many other games i have played before. Nothing special. Good execution, old concept(s).
Play Sneak Thief : Triple Trouble Sneak Thief : Triple Trouble Mar. 23, 2011
Nvm got it. Stupid.
Play Sneak Thief : Triple Trouble Sneak Thief : Triple Trouble Mar. 23, 2011
I just watched the walkthrough. Second security code is 28380. Don't know why. Did I miss something?
Play Space Oddity 2 Space Oddity 2 Mar. 16, 2011
metal pipe = not cool
Play Mandrake Mandrake Mar. 14, 2011
I wonder, was this game tested properly before you uploaded it? I mean, I had 3 planks and I thought: "hey, with these I can fix that destroyed bridge!" But not happened. So I got stuck eventually and ended up reading a walkthrough. 4 planks? Seriously?! HOW ARE WE SUPPOSED TO KNOW THAT?
Play Submachine 7: the Core Submachine 7: the Core Mar. 14, 2011
For those who are stuck but don't want to read spoilers: every item is usable untill they are no longer in your inventory.