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Play Shopping Cart Hero Shopping Cart Hero Feb. 27, 2009
proof that games don't need good graphics or 20+ hours of gameplay to be good
Play Box Juggler Minigame Box Juggler Minigame Sep. 02, 2008
I can't help but notice your name isn't on the leaderboard, maybe you should fix that?
Play BBQ Hero 2 BBQ Hero 2 Jul. 19, 2008
does this have an ending?
Play Quad Predator Quad Predator Jul. 08, 2008
I can't quite figure this game out, I put my cursor over where they all come from and leave it there and I only get ~1400 points, can't see how the other people are getting >9000 points here..
Play Tanks Tanks Jul. 08, 2008
Did you make the music for this? The music is excellent..
Play Castle Underwe Castle Underwe Jun. 05, 2008
press space to rest
Play Castle Underwe Castle Underwe Jun. 03, 2008
I apologize for the graphics looking like shit on kongregate, this is a port(I originally made the game in python), and the graphics are all bitmap graphics rather than vector graphics so they don't scale at all, if you go to my site(link is on the bottom left of the instruction page), it's not stretched and the graphics look like normal programmer art
Play Castle Underwe Castle Underwe Jun. 02, 2008
The voice at the end is my little brother, and I'm saving skills, as well as a slough of other features for the sequel. I would like to know any bugs you guys encounter though (I'd like to make bug free software)
Play Castle Underwe Castle Underwe Jun. 01, 2008
This wasn't my first game, but I did do it under a week's constraint(kind of an experimental gameplay experiment). Plus it's also a port of a python game I made, so the code is really hard to implement anything new because I didn't do much planning ahead. If I do a sequel it will have items for sure, and I'll probably procedurally generate the levels. I am sorry about the graphics, they're bitmaps instead of vector graphics so they scale horribly, so if you want to see the graphics better try the version on my site or newgrounds
Play Castle Underwe Castle Underwe May. 31, 2008
I've actually never played pokemon dungeon, I was thinking this to be more like nethack but have your character be a number rather than ^, but then I added graphics.