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Play Where Lost Ones Go Where Lost Ones Go Jan. 21, 2014
great work! it may not be a game but it is an interactive project with an interesting topic. i like the experience and the way you tell the idea. also, awesome music!
Play Ode To Pixel Days Ode To Pixel Days Feb. 16, 2013
beautiful story, nice level designs and awesome soundtrack. congrats on making such an awesome game.
Developer response from taloketo

thank you!

Play Dream of Pixels PROTOTYPE Dream of Pixels PROTOTYPE Jan. 01, 2013
Reversing the game mechanics of tetris is a genius idea! Nice GUI and perfect gameplay. Great game!
Play The Moonkeeper The Moonkeeper Sep. 28, 2012
amazing game! i loved it
Play G.I.F.T. G.I.F.T. Sep. 17, 2012
just finished the game. player needs strict precision to control the character. i like the idea of the base mechanics. some of the levels are a bit difficult and frustrating, but i like challenge!
Play Outlook Outlook Sep. 03, 2012
I've uploaded the new version of the game and did a little change in Level 12. Hope the problem with Level12 is now solved.