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Play RiseFall RiseFall Jul. 15, 2015
As has been said countless times, the energy needs to be greatly overhauled. Seriously, I get more playtime out of Idle Online Universe than this.
Play RiseFall RiseFall Jul. 14, 2015
Twice now, enemies seemingly dead kept attacking. One died after the next hit, the other needed two hits.
Play RiseFall RiseFall Jul. 14, 2015
Got a bug in dungeon: Battle does not start, "crossed swords" do not disappear. After clicking in and out of minimap, "forward" arrow appears and I can continue walking, while crossed swords are still present.
Play Pandemic 2 Pandemic 2 Apr. 12, 2015
@bensousa: the impossible badge is called "President Madagascar Assassin Badge". Dude.
Play Infested Land Infested Land Apr. 08, 2015
I don't understand. I am lvl5 but every room I enter I start at lvl1. Also, spend 32k coins to get a decent sword... next battle, poof, gone. Entering a room on any wave later than 3 or 4 practically guarantees one- to two-hit kill by anything bigger than the basic grunt zombies. I'd appreciate more info on the game mechanics.
Play Party Of Heroes Party Of Heroes Apr. 07, 2015
Downrating this game to one star until the devs actually show that they give a damn about the game, AND the players. It's going the crapper way since late beta. Shame.
Play Party Of Heroes Party Of Heroes Apr. 07, 2015
The arena is really weird. I am meeting lowbie teams (3x lvl16 common, for instance) at the 4500+ point mark and getting ~10 points for a win. Then I see a 5-member team of epics in the high 60s level range and the system tells me I will get ONE point for a win. Seriously?
Play Death Squad Death Squad Mar. 21, 2015
Big update! Looks changed (that will take a while getting used to), much more info and options right at our fingertips, plus more features? Wow. I know why I keep coming back. Kudos!
Play Blue Moon Blue Moon Mar. 15, 2015
More eye candy. That usually helps. :3
Play Death Squad Death Squad Mar. 14, 2015
Good work! Two very helpful updates in such a short time. I salute you.
Play Astro Lords: Oort Cloud Astro Lords: Oort Cloud Mar. 10, 2015
Yeah... no. If the game were more freeper friendly, allowing me to get hooked without extorting money from me from moment one, I might have liked it. As it is, pass.
Play Dragons and Titans Dragons and Titans Feb. 10, 2015
Huh. "It looks like you are using Firefox 4.0 Dragons and Titans requires Firefox 14.0 or higher..." I'm using FF 32.0... what gives? 1/5 for pointless annoyance, and being unable to play.
Play Party Of Heroes Party Of Heroes Feb. 06, 2015
Is it just me, or were Gem rewards removed from Arena Quests? If you take away all the carrots from freepers and only keep the stick, it won't work too well imo. Payers need freepers, if only as punching bags. And if freepers don't develop and grow, they will leave...
Play Blue Moon Blue Moon Feb. 06, 2015
Fun game, I'm enjoying it quite a bit. I miss targeting however - highlighting the currently selected enemy, or highlighting the enemy that you mouse over. Why? It often happens to me that while trying to click an enemy, my character instead runs a few steps, which throws off the chance to click the intended target even more. Please, please highlight.
Developer response from 109studio

Thanks for enjoying our game =) I'll consider your suggestion. Thanks!

Play Boss Slayer Boss Slayer Feb. 01, 2015
I laughed at the guys with completion within 0 days. Always some losers in a game, I guess...
Play Party Of Heroes Party Of Heroes Jan. 30, 2015
Well: sacrificed some 5k resources, got 2 pieces of arcane gear. Lucky. OTOH: no more unit evolution means no more money from me. Unlucky.
Play The Last Stand: Dead Zone The Last Stand: Dead Zone Jan. 28, 2015
Decent game, horrible lag. 2/5
Play Party Of Heroes Party Of Heroes Jan. 26, 2015
Okay, the update seems to have made upgrading higher tier heroes easier (epic lvl 39 now needs 3 lvl9 rares) - which is awesome - but I no longer see the option to evolve the heroes to higher tier. Been grinding for that possibility for weeks. I understand that there is huge disparity between what players ask for, and what the devs need to make the business profitable... is that the reason? Other than that, I have no problem with anything else. The energy os just right for me when I have a few minutes a few times per day, and am able to grind 40k+ per day for sacrifices etc. Downgrading my virtual rating from 4/5 to 3/5 until I have more info...
Play William the Conqueror William the Conqueror Jan. 14, 2015
"...And remember, your fairy tail should end..." ...in the princess, of course. Loving the typos.
Play The Gate The Gate Jan. 07, 2015
Been playing for about three weeks now, and my opinion on the game is still improving. Energy, yeah, but I'm not one to game 24/7. But you know what? There seems to be no power creep, unlike many other MMOs. Big kudos to Spicy for that!
Developer response from Spicyhorse

Nyom Nyom, we love the taste of kudos !! :)