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…I cant really explain myself, so I’ll make a table of contents…

Sections 1-2 My RP Character

Section 3

Section 4

Section 5

Section 6

My Store
Section 7 My Tree Kingdom

Section 8 My Army

Section 8 Currency

My RP Character
My character’s name is usually either my username, or , in other RPs, Alex. My character is able to go into many forms even though he is not a shapeshifter. The usual reasons for his powers are either getting struck by lightning, an experiment for a supersoldier gone wrong, or, most often, being an Oname.
Although most information about his forms is given later, there are some things better kept secret because of dangerous consequences.
I have many friends, but the ones that I see most often are: kallious, theEPICgameKING, crockidile, 77zip879, and royalfool. The groups I am in are the Aether Knights, and I am part of crock’s army.
I have many forms, and I am constantly unlocking more. All of them have unique powers, which are explained later. My forms are human, cat, wolf, bird, snake, demon snake, demon cat, demon wolf, pheonix, dark lightning demon, lightning demon, fire demon, water demon, plant demon, time demon, mind demon, insect, demon insect, techno, ultimate techno, spike, ultimate spike, and bone. Even though this is a lot, I will unlock more over time.

The Oname are things like me, they are people, animals, plants, or anything that can change forms. The Oname created mpost of the multiverse as well as most of it’s Inhabitants, including humans. They also created over half of the dimensions. They mainly live in the Oname Network, a system of “planets” in a place between the dimensions. Aquarm is one of the “planets” that made up the Oname Network. Aquarm is the water planet. It is made up almost entirely of water, with only a 10-mile diameter rock center, with a tunnel running through it. Terram, the Earth planet, is made up of rock. There is nothing very special except that most of the inhabitants are golems. Aviarum is the wind planet. It has no land, besides a few teleporters floating around. One of the three major air currents is the Ako current, which runs straight through the middle of the planet. The other ones are the Unami, and the Kunaka. The Unami runs in a circle around the edge of the planet north to south. The Kunaka air current is a gyroscope current. It has no real pattern. Pyron is the fire planet. It has a fiery atmosphere, and much of the land is made up of volcanoes and hardened lava flows. Floraum is the nature planet. It is a home to all plants, with only animals that eat the berries of the plant, not the rest. The animals also get along with the people, and the people only hunt for food, and they never waste anything. Then the animals and people eventually die, and the decompose and the plants use the nutrients. It is a perfect cycle. Yin is the light planet. It is like Earth, but with eternal peace. Yang, the dark planet, however, is full of disease, death, ghosts walk among the people causing fear, and there is always war and destruction. Elementos is the balance planet. This planet has different areas with different elements according to where the other planets are. So here, there is a dark side facing Yang, and a light side facing Yin, etc.

Section 6 My store

Rare Items

Crstal of the Oname – This cystal holds The power of the Oname. It allows the holder to transorm into anything as well as absorb energy.

The Wave Collection
This is not one item. It is a set. *a substance that is not really metal. It is a substance that is light enough to use underwater without sinking, but is strong enough to repel a sword. Especially useful under water.

Wave Bracers- Hardened leather bracers with sapphire-colored markings. They have wave-shaped blades on the outside, with the tips of the waves pointing towards the elbow. The blades also have markings.

Wave Blade(or Blades)-A metal* sword that has concealed wave-shaped barbs near the tip. it can separate into 2 blades. It has ceremonial markings on both sides and swords. They are sapphire colored and are of spirals and waves.

Wave Helmet- A metal* helmet with three wave-like ridge running from the front to back, The sharpened tops of the ridges are made of Sapphire. The front of the helmet is like a normal helmet, except the visor has marking to make it look similar to a clam shell.

Wave Body- Metal* plate body with traditional markings.

Wave Legs- Metal* leggings that have the ability of turning into a fish tail without the tail fins when under water.

Wave Boots- Metal* boots that have fringes on the heels to look like small fish fins when not under water.when under water, they fuse with the Wave Legs, and become the tail fins of a fish.

Wave Gloves- Membrane connects between the fingers when under water. Are made of leather with metal* knuckles.

Wave Shield- a metal* and sapphire shield in the shape of a fish scale.
__________________________________ My Tree Kingdom

My main base. It is a 1000×1000 square of trees, with the trees getting larger towards the center. The middle tree is the largest, and serves as a lab and a healing room. There is a web section of the tree. It is like a giant cobweb on some of the trees. It is made of demon spider silk, which is slightly sticky, and VERY stretchy. It can be used like bungee cord, or a large trampoline. There are sentry guns on all of the corners and sides of the square. It is now connected to all of crock’s bases.
My Army

my army has quite a few squads, each for a different purpose. Sound Squad: 50 soldiers equipped with light armor, sonic arm cannons, and pet bats. they can hear almost anything, and are lead by Echo. Desert Squad: 50 soldiers armed with concentrated heat blasters and thermal armor. They are immune to temperatures up to 1000 degrees F, and are lead by Thermo. Polar Squad: 50 soldiers armed with liquid nitrogen guns, insulative armor, and pet penguins.They can withstand temperatures down to -500 degrees F, and are lead by Tundra. Cloud Squad: 50 soldiers armed with enchanted crossbows (to increase firing speed) and pet griffins. They can fly up to 2000 feet high, and thin air/ air pressure doesn’t affect them. they are lead by Storm. Mountain Squad: 50 soldiers armed with grapple arms, spiked boots, and pet billy goats. they can climb upside-down, and can climb up to 3000 feet without a break. They are lead by Grapple. Deep Sea Squad: 50 soldiers armed with diving suits, oxygen tanks, underwater harpoon guns, and pet dolphins. They are led by Marine. Central Squad: Echo, Thermo, Tundra, Storm, Grapple, and Marine. they are armed with upgraded versions of the other squads’ equipment, except for the animals, which are trained better, longer, and are given armor. I lead them, and I am armed with a bio-suit with all of the abilities of the squad’s armor. Artillery Units: Sound: Wave, armed with high-power sonic cannon.Desert: Blaze, armed with blue Greek Fire cannon. Polar: Blizzard, armed with a solid Nitroxide (N2O2) gun. Cloud: Cyclone, armed with a Tribow, a version of the crossbow but with three ‘bows’. Each bow fires three bolts at a time.Mountain: Peak, armed with two chain guns (can fire blade-tipped or grapple-tipped chains). Deep Sea: Submerse, armed with a mini Torpedo launcher. Atrtillery Squad: made up of Wave, Blaze, Blizzard, Cyclone, Peak, and Submerse. They are also led by me and accompany Central Squad if needed.

All CITL members are required to keep track of gold, as instantly saying that you have a lot of money is godmod. My current gold is 1500 coins.

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