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Play Sky Quest Sky Quest Oct. 21, 2014
Friend requests will be appreciated :)
Play King's Rush King's Rush Oct. 11, 2014
game bugged got past a castle and it said press x repeatedly :P
Play Dragon Princess Dragon Princess May. 24, 2014
Lol it seems like team selection is there. Wow I really need to play this game more before I judge.
Play Dragon Princess Dragon Princess May. 24, 2014
lol sorry about that comment accidentally opened it on the wrong browser. Anyways after playing a little bit, I wanted to be able to choose the characters that I could get for each mission (even if I had to get over one to get one). Random character gameplay seems to clash with the upgrade mechanic.
Play Dragon Princess Dragon Princess May. 24, 2014
No autosave? Really?
Play Mighty Knight Mighty Knight Apr. 29, 2014
Problems with the game: 1. Your friends do not have good ai, while enemies get it. Enemies, if you attack them when they are following someone else will turn towards you and hit you. Your friends do not have that ability. I want my allies putting out damage to the threat thats hitting them, not wandering aimlessly chasing some ranged creep thats backing up. 2. Lack of game balance - The health/damage upgrade for the hero and the attribute upgrades for allies feel too powerful in comparison to other abilities. Hero's blocking ability feels really weak. Final boss battle needs some tuning, it feels like too many minons attack you too often. Also mission balance is off, allow the player to participate in every mission in some fashion (even if it means controlling alternate characters). 3. Death screen takes too long too show up, fade out a little more quickly.
Play Mighty Knight Mighty Knight Apr. 23, 2014
The upgrades need better balancing. The sword and armor for the hero seem to be the best hands down.
Play Mighty Knight Mighty Knight Apr. 21, 2014
Wait nevermind, must of missed the savefile select button. Its so close to play.
Play Mighty Knight Mighty Knight Apr. 21, 2014
Wait, when I quit and then started the game again, it erased my progress?
Play Free Fred Free Fred Feb. 11, 2014
Would have been nice to be able to see when the units are about to fire.
Play Sentry Knight Sentry Knight Jan. 16, 2014
I used fireball for damage, frigid blast for knockback, plague bane for more dot and damage, gargoyle for healing and when I wanted more damage, and scourage blast for when I wanted a map nuke.
Play I Am Level v1.0 I Am Level v1.0 Sep. 10, 2013
interesting game - frustrating at times because you get kicked into different levels.
Play Cursed Treasure 2 Cursed Treasure 2 Sep. 01, 2013
coins need to be autocollected, potions need to be put in an inventory to click on demand.
Play Battalion Commander Battalion Commander Aug. 24, 2013
Upgrades need a reset button. Otherwise its too easy to purchase unwanted upgrades.
Play Min Hero: Tower of Sages Min Hero: Tower of Sages Aug. 21, 2013
needs locations of trainers on map
Play Flatland: Fallen Angle Flatland: Fallen Angle Aug. 17, 2013
well interesting idea for a flatland game (wanted to see this), and the world is a good adaptation of the books. Couldn't follow the plot though. Even though the combat felt faithful to how the books described it, it wasn't that compelling. Having the final boss kill himself by slamming himself into my point was pretty anticlimatic.
Play 3LIND game 3LIND game Aug. 04, 2013
love this game. Great for a single playthrough.
Play Vortex Point 2 Vortex Point 2 Aug. 04, 2013
Needs better hinting. Had to use a walkthrough to figure out some of it.
Play King's Ascent King's Ascent Jul. 26, 2013
Amazing game. At the beginning of the game I was thinking of how the king wasted taxpayer wealth to gorge the dragon. Apparently this sort of criticism of the king's actions was thematic to the game. Unique mechanics that were fun and introduced slowly enough, and an entertaining plot make this one of the best of this game I have played. My only complaint was that the controls felt problematic at times. And also, the boss art seemed at odds with the game and comparatively low quality. Nice work!
Play Night Lights Night Lights Jun. 30, 2013
tinting objects with whether they will disappear with light is a mandatory improvement. Don't leave the player guessing.