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Play Idle Mine Idle Mine Dec. 04, 2013
If you want to reset your game, press Shift+R on the Help Screen (?). It will ask you if you want to delete your data or not.
Play The Endless Zombie Rampage The Endless Zombie Rampage Nov. 30, 2013
Easy way to get achievement = Assault Riffle "FN SCAR" (fast reload and good dmg) + Max Base HP 250 + rest of the points to Max HP. Just stand around the base until you reach 100-150kills and then start moving (if you have problem with incoming waves) :)
Play Defender's Quest (lengthy!) Demo Defender's Quest (lengthy!) Demo Apr. 26, 2012
No, purchasing the full game doesn't unlocks more badges.
Play Innkeeper Innkeeper Apr. 18, 2012
You can get hipster by obtaining zero star ratings from 12 customers.
Play Warlords: Heroes Warlords: Heroes Jan. 18, 2012
Even skeletons are bleeding, lol :D
Play Smiley Race 5 Smiley Race 5 Nov. 05, 2011
First "race" depends on your luck. You must use Freeze at start as fast as you can, then when you are close to finish, use Boost. If you win, upgrade Power and do the same as before until you upgrade it to 5starts. Next upgrade Duration or Quantity (Boost). If you do that you can win every "race" :D At the beginning don't use "Strike" - always when you use Boost, Freeze or Strike you're slower, so try not to use useless "powers".