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Play Idle Web Tycoon Idle Web Tycoon May. 15, 2015
I'd like a lot more highscore support, like total views and money. Being able to upload scores for things like cookie clicker and the ninja game is actually higher on my list =)
Play Untangle Untangle May. 03, 2015
I just wish this had badges
Play Diamond Hollow II Diamond Hollow II Jan. 28, 2015
is the "can i bolt" achievement a reference to "cannabalt"?
Play Shattered Colony: The Survivors Shattered Colony: The Survivors Sep. 22, 2014
it would have helped if the title of the game mentioned zombies. i spent quite a few minutes looking through my history trying to find this again.
Play Solarmax 2 Solarmax 2 Jul. 04, 2014
how are people getting 111 stars?
Play Puzzle Rescue Puzzle Rescue Apr. 19, 2014
not what i was looking for...
Play Minesweeper Minesweeper Apr. 09, 2014
This is exactly what i was looking for - highscores and right click support! The only thing I could recommend is a slightly different color scheme - a black title bar, a light background for the numbers, and a dark grey for the unsolved spaces doesn't look as good as on the windows version.
Play The Farm The Farm Feb. 27, 2014
protected your sheep or suffer defeat
Play Idle Mine Idle Mine Dec. 07, 2013
needs highscores
Play 10 10 Oct. 17, 2013
this is a FUNNY INTERESTING COMMENT made of letters
Developer response from iojoe

Hehehehe!! I love it :D

Play Red Rogue Red Rogue Jul. 13, 2013
very addictive game, but the minion AI is probably the most annoying part of it. he constantly dives down pits when we walk over them, and sometimes sits on a higher platform while i fight an enemy below. the pit problem is exacerbated by the fact that he sometimes walks in front of you, which can be useful if you're low on health, but also leads to more wandering and falling into pits on his part. he also has problems with pathfinding when he's separated, mostly because he doesn't treat walls that dissolve when you walk into them as solid, so he falls into pits and is trapped by walls/floor tiles that lead down the pit or to a ladder. i know that these problems can sometimes be solved by summoning the minion back, but he can sometimes go right back to where he was, into a pit or up a ladder. also, these problems occasionally happen when there's an enemy in sight, and that wastes valuable knife-throwing or bow-shooting seconds.
Play Red Rogue Red Rogue Jul. 13, 2013
the minion should treat disappearing walls as solid, since he can't open them himself and can get stuck. the enemies also have this problem, often trying to flee into a corridor and being blocked by seemingly solid walls, and getting backstabbed well before the wall opens. this may be technologically difficult, but it might be possible if you give enemies a separate map that has the capacity to accept that walls have disappeared. this would allow them to think a wall is solid and escape in a different direction, then come back later and learn that an escape path has opened. if that isn't possible, it might be good to give at least the enemies, if not the minion, maps that have all the disappearing walls as solid, so they won't run into dead ends the first time you chase them.
Play Red Rogue Red Rogue Jul. 13, 2013
the minion should only attempt to lead in horizontal directions, and should NOT choose to go up or down ladders or pits unless you lead him there or you're separated and it's a quicker way to get back to you. also, for combat reasons, he should attempt to get on the same level as you immediately if you're on a higher level, even if you have to stand together on the same square of the map, and if he's above you he should attempt to get Directly above you and Then jump down to your level, so that if you're fighting an enemy he'll stun it. of course, pathfinding should override these rules if he's separated by more than about 4-8 squares and there isn't a line of sight to you (meaning he's separated and his knife throw won't connect with an enemy) or he's more than one platform above you, in which case the stun advantage isn't as valuable as getting back to you.
Play Red Rogue Red Rogue Jul. 12, 2013
RNG is my god now. he's like the sun; never promising, never judging, basically just doing his own thing
Play Rebuild 2 Rebuild 2 Apr. 20, 2013
tip for the hard badge: if you play a game on super easy, you can train up survivors to all 10 in all skills and when you complete the game through making a government you can choose to send 5 to a new city, on hard. they take equipment too, so you can basically send 5 super soldiers to go conquer the impossible mode.
Play FPS-MAN FPS-MAN Mar. 15, 2013
needs highscores
Play simian.interface simian.interface Mar. 15, 2013
flash crashed when i tried to hack the server
Play Dead Drunk 1.2 Dead Drunk 1.2 Feb. 10, 2013
stickman, go home, your drunk. actually, i'll call a cab. just stay still
Play Dead Drunk 1.2 Dead Drunk 1.2 Feb. 10, 2013
do you ever wake up from the unconscious state?
Play Breach Breach Feb. 03, 2013
sometimes, when you shoot a piece, the numbers turn to all 2's!