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Play Smashmuck Champions Smashmuck Champions Oct. 07, 2012
Kong, give me an anime fantasy styled MMO. Good Luck
Play World Rebellion II World Rebellion II Aug. 29, 2011
I would love it if i could record my games so I can watch it or I can show it to others.
Play World Rebellion II World Rebellion II Aug. 24, 2011
Play World Rebellion II World Rebellion II Aug. 24, 2011
@hardcore stomper I love the way you put it. Its not that he doesn't like the game, its just that he thinks it can do better. On a side note, that one person who disliked my idea, why? Its an option you can choose to play by. Honestly the server is not that bad and it would be something like timed chess.
Play World Rebellion II World Rebellion II Aug. 24, 2011
What would be fun is if there was a 10 second turn mode.
Play Modul Modul Aug. 23, 2011
I respect notch and the whole minecraft community. But I find it ridiculous when the community starts acting arrogant and feels the need to abase an individual for trying to create something and say "ok this is a supid version of minecraft XD". Joke or not, notch doesn't own the whole building block genre neither the cube genre. What he does own is minecraft and it's fame and prestige that comes with it.
Play World Rebellion II World Rebellion II Aug. 17, 2011
@ Whom this concerns. Sometimes it's not hard work, but mutual agreement that kills a player. Two people can and will attack one player and ignore each other. Its quite a bit of a struggle for the "prey". As far as I see, the attackers are cruising. Then they have the right to prevent the players from taking the cards, don't you agree?
Play Steamlands Steamlands Aug. 05, 2011
http://i281.photobucket.com/albums/kk206/imsupiour/pflag.png?t=1312584942 My Flag :D One Piece FTW
Play Cat God vs Sun King Cat God vs Sun King Jul. 25, 2011
The best skill, in my opinion is confusion. Just keep on spamming confusion lvl 3 and there is no need to summon any reapers or skeletons. Just need one skill to finish off the last monster.
Play Help the Hero Help the Hero Jul. 23, 2011
To increase range, you need both the weapon and the ammo. The more ammo you have the better range you get.
Play Help the Hero Help the Hero Jul. 23, 2011
Play this game with volume up. The game music and the jokes give this game a 5/5. Those two combined make up for the lack of depth and game play.
Play Help the Hero Help the Hero Jul. 23, 2011
@maximm I think subtitles are a great idea. Of course you should be allowed to turn them on or off.
Play Check Flag Check Flag Jul. 06, 2011
Be great if you can have two player mode.
Play Villainous Villainous Jul. 03, 2011
Tower Conquest, as Rete dubbed it, will be a new genre of games. Similar to Tower Defense but with totally different game play. It would not be surprising if in a mere weeks, we find many programmers who try their hand at creating such a game. One would say Rete pioneered into a new front and was successful!
Play World Rebellion II World Rebellion II Apr. 29, 2011
What do you guys feel? Talk. Now, I just want to clarify some things, I am not disrespecting Americans, nor am I disrespecting Abalore. I respect Abalore for what he done. He worked harder than any of us to make this game. If you gave a damn, make a twitter. People will follow you. They will read your updates. But you don't, so just say the truth. You don't have to do it in a rude manner. Just say "I am busy with work, college. I'm sorry but I can’t update the game as often as I would like. This wont be open source, I'm sorry." Don't decorate it with pretty words. Just say the truth; you don't care about this game anymore. You play it at times, but this is a finished version. You pretend that you care about the server but all you done is put adds. What it does is it puts money into your pockets to help pay for the server. But if I’m wrong just making a twitter can prove all the other people who are mad at you wrong.
Play World Rebellion II World Rebellion II Apr. 29, 2011
The American Ideal, I want to prevent others from using my work because I worked hard on it, is ridiculous. Abalore is pretty selfish, now Abalore may have spent hours of time over a time span of months, it doesn't mean in anyway that this was the most difficult piece of work to make. There are certainly more "games" that have taken more time and more dedication with CARE shown to the audience. The players. "It seems a quite good offer, but I cannot accept it. The reason is that I cannot put the game in other's hands." (http://www.worldrebellion.org/forum/viewtopic.php?f=9&t=1#p82) Even though you trust eliotAxor, this means that you don't trust us players. You don't trust us to stick to your game if someone happens to post the game as his. Unless you don't want people to improve the game and take the attention away from you.
Play World Rebellion II World Rebellion II Apr. 29, 2011
What you want is to hold a monopoly on this flash version of Risk. If Risk holds the same believe as you, in no doubt you will get sued. It may in fact, hold the same belief. Thats a risk your willing to take, I respect that. But others may want to improve on it, they also are willing to take that risk. So the conclusion is. Abalore, why don't you care about us? Why are you so transparent? Why are you so selfish? Why are you so un-trusting? Why don't you respect us? You refuse to get a better server based on other offers. You should have. You don't update your status. The game? You pretend to update that. No new maps, no team, no kick. Yes I don't kicking but you don't even pretend to care. Look for example, the Chat System has been abused by players and its unfair to other players. What do you do? Ignore it. So I'm asking you Abalore, why should we support you when you don't even TRUST us?
Play World Rebellion II World Rebellion II Apr. 07, 2011
So you hate suiciders but I'm sorry to tell you that they are part of the game. If they are suiciding on you, then your obviously using the wrong strategy. Change your strategy. The game doesn't need to pamper you. A tip: Don't curse out to all the other players calling them idiots and laughing at their bad luck. If you don't do that good.
Play World Rebellion II World Rebellion II Apr. 05, 2011
@NewYorkminute its not a hack. Its a glitch that abalore hasnt fixed and one that people exploit.
Play Arkandian Crusade Arkandian Crusade Dec. 28, 2010
@m3person22 I agree. You are a prime example.