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Play Carnival Shark Carnival Shark Jul. 09, 2012
decent game.
Play Endless Migration 2 DEMO Endless Migration 2 DEMO Jun. 14, 2012
The FAA would have a field day with these planes flying so close together.
Play Car 2 Exit Car 2 Exit May. 30, 2012
my only problem is that sometimes, I release the cars, but they still move with the mouse.
Play Car 2 Exit Car 2 Exit May. 30, 2012
Loved this game as a kid
Play WereBox 2 WereBox 2 May. 29, 2012
Very good. Similar to wake the box, but different enough to were it was refreshingly different. Would be cool if there were achievements on it in the future.
Play Microsoftt Flight Simulator 2012 Microsoftt Flight Simulator 2012 May. 27, 2012
staline, or should I say, carltoncole. get a life.
Play Conversation Simulator Conversation Simulator May. 27, 2012
This guy has no life. He makes horrible and sometimes fake games, then uses his other profiles to make himself look good.
be cool if I had more than one life, rather than dying and restarting at the start screen.
Play GreenBoy GreenBoy May. 23, 2012
I will put out a quality game, not horrible games that will get a 1 start rating.
Play The Relaxation Game The Relaxation Game May. 22, 2012
not a game
Play LuckyBoy Adventure LuckyBoy Adventure May. 22, 2012
Weird game. Kinda like if mario had a gun and faced what I will assume are horses and bats. 3/5
Play Teste 1# Teste 1# May. 21, 2012
Is this a game?
Play Eggstinction in romana Eggstinction in romana May. 21, 2012
cool game, just would be cool if you could get health in the game.
Play Forest Waterfalls Forest Waterfalls May. 21, 2012
Old concept. Not really good. Just has good pictures.
Play Micro Thief Micro Thief May. 21, 2012
It would be cool if there was an achievement for finishing this game. It is pretty cool, with a fun concept that makes me want to finish the game. 4/5
Developer response from OMGames

I did start looking into adding achievements and score, but the Kongregate API did my head in (mostly due to my unfamiliarity with Flixel). I'll have another crack at it though, because it'd be great to see what other times people are finishing it in.

Play GreenBoy GreenBoy May. 21, 2012
1 minute of my life I won't get back.
Developer response from caseygames

I'm 12... Also, can i see your game? oh wait..

Play Chemistry Game Chemistry Game May. 21, 2012
didn't load, stayed on gray screen. And I doubt a game like this needs to be larger than full screen.
Play Mountain Dash Mountain Dash May. 21, 2012
simple concept, but catchy. A little glitchy though, and sometimes i cant jump.
Play Mutilate-a-doll Mutilate-a-doll May. 20, 2012
how do I play? I can't find a doll to mutilate, so basically I am looking at a glorified black screen.
Play Stray Cat Strut Stray Cat Strut May. 19, 2012
I didn't know cats speed exponentially increased over time.