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Play Escape The Box Puzzle Escape The Box Puzzle Jan. 30, 2014
AD turning works a lot better, thanks!
Play Don't Explode! Don't Explode! Jan. 29, 2014
Hard, but great
Play Pressure Crunch Pressure Crunch Jan. 28, 2014
Nice! And very polished for a GiTD entry.
Play Survival Idle Survival Idle Jan. 21, 2014
Development of Survival Idle is currently on hold. If you're getting a black screen and nothing is happening, try refreshing. The issue results from a random conflict with the game timer.
Play Survival Idle Survival Idle Dec. 24, 2013
The issue with the game not loading for some people is being investigated. For the moment, try a Ctrl+F5 refresh.
Play Survival Idle Survival Idle Dec. 23, 2013
Currently looking into the issue where the game won't start for some people. If this is affecting you, please provide details such as browser and flash player version and any other specifics so that we can fix this as quickly as possible. Thanks.
Play Survival Idle Survival Idle Dec. 22, 2013
If you encounter any bugs or anything unexpected, please notify Hokage or me and I'll do my best to fix them ASAP.
Play Ultimate Survival Lab Ultimate Survival Lab Sep. 12, 2013
Congrats on winning GITD 35!
Play Minecraft Minesweeper Minecraft Minesweeper Jul. 06, 2013
Updated to fix the Options screen to Inventory screen glitch. Read more in the updates section.
Play 5Player-Man 5Player-Man Apr. 08, 2013
A cool concept, but it is limited by the platform. This would be a lot more suited to console play, with players able to each use their own controller. The problem with a single keyboard is, unless you have a very good one, it can't really detect all of the key presses going on at once, and of course, it's hard to fit 5 hands. But great idea. I'm sure I'd be having more fun with a few friends beside me.
Developer response from lavaflame2

Take it from me (I tested this game with 4 other people) -- This game is a LOT more fun when you play it with friends, or just other people :)

Play Super Duck Punch! Super Duck Punch! Mar. 23, 2013
The game seems to be a tad on the laggy side, even with the quality on low. And just then, while I was fighting 10 hydra and died, when I pressed space to revive, the game froze and now all I can see is an exclamation mark in the middle of the screen.
Play [GiTD #30] Escape the Dungeon [GiTD #30] Escape the Dungeon Mar. 11, 2013
It is possible to go straight to the final boss (up the stairs) without doing anything on the first level. This is not advisable, as the first level gives you better weapons to aid in the boss battle. (Press action on the unlocked door to open it, inside is a chest, containing a key. Use this to open a locked door etc.)
Play _lockout _lockout Mar. 06, 2013
Very SuperMeatBoy-ish vibe, which is a god thing. Great work. However, my game seems to be looping on the second cutscene (with the key)
Developer response from jicking

i found it too,:( i dont know how to fix that

Play New School Blues New School Blues Feb. 25, 2013
Short but entertaining and definitely different. Nice work on your first game guys!
Play [GiTD #28] Dodge or Die [GiTD #28] Dodge or Die Jan. 25, 2013
Made in 10 days for GiTD#28: http://www.kongregate.com/forums/4-game-programming/topics/317085-gitd-28-entries-and-discussion
Play Minecraft Minesweeper Minecraft Minesweeper Jan. 02, 2013
If you encounter any errors, bugs or otherwise unexpected events. Please report them to me so that they can be fixed.
Play Kong API Test - DO NOT PLAY Kong API Test - DO NOT PLAY Jun. 28, 2012
My name is too long . You have been defeated.
Play Virtual Pong Virtual Pong Jun. 28, 2012
This is just curveball. Which I believe you did not make.
Play [WIP] Fear Tower Defence [WIP] Fear Tower Defence May. 05, 2012
As this game is still in progress, please suggest things you would like me to add to the game and I will do my best to. Also, if you encounter any bugs, I would appreciate it if you inform me -Thanks
Play Epic Combo! Epic Combo! May. 03, 2011
I got a turtle stuck between the roof and a launcher. My combo isn't ending so I can't do anything.