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Play StarCraft 2 Quiz StarCraft 2 Quiz Sep. 29, 2012
answers are, 35, 160, 3, 7, equally fast, pneumatized carapace, ghost, the same, 45, 9. Like this so that it can be seen by all! Check out my starcraft 2 profile on battle.net TsFendrbendr. And be sure to check out my clans website http://www.team-solid.com/ if you are looking to join, contact TsApocalyspe. GL HF :D
Play StarCraft 2 Quiz StarCraft 2 Quiz Jun. 26, 2012
...I won tooooooooo haha
Play Earl Grey and This Rupert Guy Earl Grey and This Rupert Guy Mar. 05, 2012
that guy must be RIPPED from climbing that rope all the time
Play Theme Hotel Theme Hotel Jan. 06, 2012
wtf I added 9 big elevators and they STILL complained about them. I guess the best isnt good enough for some people....
Play Epic war Epic war Nov. 30, 2011
This game sucks, everything about it is broken, bad choice for the badge of the day
Play Back to the Cubeture (1) Back to the Cubeture (1) Nov. 14, 2011
this game is hella silly, liking the insults and the awesome come backs