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Play 3D Sudoku 3D Sudoku Aug. 03, 2010
Not great. How is it 3D? And the controls are very awkward. I agree that the number keys should work, and it would be nice if there was a way to enter numbers more easily with the mouse.
Play filler filler Jul. 30, 2010
Had to quit after level 63...tired.
Play Digital World Digital World Jul. 30, 2010
No score? No menu? Flickering drawing. Too hard to play forward, too irritating to work back from the goal. Interesting concept, though.
Play Comments Build It Comments Build It Jul. 30, 2010
Anything but red text on a blue background. I can't even look at it!
Play ChalkBoard 2 (Multiplayer) ChalkBoard 2 (Multiplayer) Jul. 30, 2010
How is this a game?