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Play Ultimate Crab Battle Ultimate Crab Battle Apr. 25, 2014
Needs an option to change the volume. WAAAAY too loud. I would just turn down my system volume but I'm trying to voice chat with people while playing.
Play Mine Clone v2 minecraft Mine Clone v2 minecraft Apr. 25, 2014
Can't get it to work in google chrome. The only thing it will do is swing the pickaxe.
Play Treadmillasaurus Rex Treadmillasaurus Rex Apr. 15, 2014
Waaay too easy to get both achieves
Play Ayumilove Idle Story Ayumilove Idle Story Apr. 11, 2014
New equips seem a bit expensive, even when selling all the items dropped by enemies I only reached 18k at level 23.
Play Ayumilove Idle Story Ayumilove Idle Story Apr. 11, 2014
I don't remember ever playing this game yet I got update messages in my inbox for it... Weird.
Play Sonny 2 Sonny 2 Feb. 26, 2014
Really sad that we will never see Sonny 3. :( I love this game and the first one and was really looking forward to finishing the story.
Play Game of Thrones Ascent Game of Thrones Ascent Oct. 19, 2013
Can't choose a house, game is glitching and not letting me see what benefits each house provides. Whenever I mouse over a benefit icon it shows the description from the previously selected house; no matter how many times I change it, the text stays the same.
Play Dawn of the Dragons Dawn of the Dragons Sep. 22, 2013
Love this game! Played it first on facebook, then on here and now on my android phone as well!! Great job guys :)
Play Super Duck Punch! Super Duck Punch! Apr. 10, 2013
Punch like a Sir!
Play One and One Story One and One Story Mar. 25, 2013
WARNING: DO NOT TRY TO GET THE ALTERNATE ENDING FIRST!!! The game will NOT save your progress if you do and you must start all over.
Play Give Up Give Up Mar. 24, 2013
3/5 for hardest repetitive game I've ever played. 4/5 for overall difficulty. 5/5 for awesome, not annoying, music. Overall I give this game 4.2 because there are a lot of glitches where either something wouldn't kill me (like jumping through the middle of a laser beam) or I just died without being hit.
Play Renegade Racing Renegade Racing Mar. 21, 2013
Awesome game, but I'm disappointed the "The Duke" does not have maximum jumping power...
Play Crush The Castle 2 PP Crush The Castle 2 PP Mar. 12, 2013
My First Castle and Playing Forts achievements don't work. Built a castle in the customizer, shared it, no achievement. Played many other peoples castles and no achievement.
Play Miscrits Miscrits Dec. 14, 2012
The original version of this game allowed you to pick between 3 miscrits at the start now you're forced to pick Flue. They had a great game in the beginning but now it's more about the money than the enjoyment. Welcome to the darkside devs....
Play Miscrits Miscrits Dec. 14, 2012
Facebook games are invading Kong.... GREAT.... NOT!!
Play Earn to Die 2012 Earn to Die 2012 Dec. 01, 2012
Too bad it's so short, it's a great game. Was disappointed that doing flips does not give you more cash.
Play Wake Up the Box 4 Wake Up the Box 4 Jun. 03, 2012
I made Pac-Man chasing wooden ghosts in the sandbox...
Play Reincarnation:  Bloody Bayou Reincarnation: Bloody Bayou May. 24, 2012
Since when do rednecks have proper pronunciation of the word opossum?(to everyone here in the south it's a Possum no 'O ' at the beginning)... In fact, since when do they have the clearly defined linguistic skills that this gentleman posses? And why bother wasting good moonshine on flies when you could have just used it to put the dog to sleep? Or splash it on the house and light it with the lantern.... Burn the place down... But I digress, 2.9/5...... -.1 for lack of ingenuity.
Play Ben10 Hills Ride Ben10 Hills Ride May. 04, 2012
Shows teenage Ben on the title screen but has 10yr old Ben as the playable character.
Play BasketBalls Level Pack BasketBalls Level Pack Apr. 28, 2012
Now that I've gotten all 38 gold medals, I've thought of a suggestion. It would be nice if you received extra points for every basket under the limit for gold medals, and possibly a scoreboard for players to compare with one another.