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Play Accurate Boy Accurate Boy Jun. 20, 2013
Great game! Solid mechanics that lends itself for many interesting twists in a sequel! :) meetreen_games - is it by design that you don't have Credits and studio name in the game itself? :) Maybe timer is a bit of an issue for me. Number of moves taken is much more natural IMO for a puzzle.
Play Nuke Gun Nuke Gun Sep. 04, 2012
Cool shooter. 5/5. Bottom/left corner: kind of interesting strategic location the scientists picked up to build their turret. :)
Play Bob's Balloons Bob's Balloons Sep. 04, 2012
Nice and simple game - 5/5. Maybe for the sequel it will be good to have some "good" baloons that you should not kill.
Developer response from myplayyard

Thanks :)

Play Decision 2 Decision 2 Sep. 04, 2012
Awesome sequel, FlyAnvil!
Play Tarzan Ball Tarzan Ball Jan. 21, 2011
Cool game - great addition to IQ ball family. 5/5.
Play Gluey Gluey Jan. 30, 2010
I am the dev/coder of this game (kingdotcom is our beloved sponsor). Thanks lot for your comments! Will take them for the sequel: will make sure zen mode is more epic, maybe will add action mode, score popus will not block your view. I especially liked the comment about adding goals beyond score objectives for the missions.
Play Gluey Gluey Jan. 28, 2010
Thanks for comments, guys! mikeyT25, you really broke our game (a little). Leave me a whisper on how you got this insane score! ;)
Play Bimmin Bimmin Jan. 16, 2010
Nice game. 5/5.
Play Starlight Starlight Dec. 25, 2009
Cool game Zedarus! 5/5
Play Ionized Ionized Nov. 23, 2009
Nice reverse breakout! ;) 5/5
Play Cyberhorde Cyberhorde Jul. 06, 2009
Thanks for feedback guys! One hint: try the game on "hard" or "impossible". The score you earn will be multiplied by 1.5 (hard) or by 2 (impossible).
Play Cyberhorde Cyberhorde Jul. 02, 2009
Mastercool2: Thanks and I agree with your comment. I probably over-compressed original music from the Newgrounds author who was kind enough to allow me to use it. Let me update it tomorrow.
Play Cyberhorde Cyberhorde Jul. 02, 2009
Thanks for feedback guys! Not doing upgrades/shop was not an easy decision, but wanted to have 1 finished game, rather than 1 unfinished project. ;) Your comment is well taken though - if I do the sequel, that would be N1 thing to add.
Play Cyberhorde Cyberhorde Jul. 01, 2009
Thanks for your feedback so far, guys! You can control sound from pause menu (press SPACE during the game).
Play Cyberhorde Cyberhorde Jul. 01, 2009
Thanks for good feedback, everyone! I changed preloader a bit to fix black screen issue reported by @Koko, if you see that again, please let me know.