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Play Sky Quest Sky Quest Oct. 30, 2014
Are the RARE ITEMS in the store purposefully out of the reach of a player who doesn't buy more gold or crystals from the store. Because that seems to be the case. I've been hoarding my gold and selling all items I don't need to try and buy something good but their sale price is sky-rocketing. I really like this game but that's a bit of a slap in the face.
Play Monster Arena Monster Arena Mar. 12, 2014
I think I speak for everyone when I ask, "What the hell is Copo?!"
Play Demons vs Fairyland Demons vs Fairyland Feb. 05, 2013
One thing I would like to see in an update would be removing the lock from higher level units for the early stages once the levels have been passed.
Play Notebook Wars 3: Unleashed Notebook Wars 3: Unleashed Nov. 26, 2012
If somehow you manage to fix the "mouse-off-screen" bug (where-in leaving the screen with your mouse cause your plane to shoot off to the top left hand corner and crash into everything), please let me know.
Play Psychout Psychout Jun. 14, 2012
I didn't get the badge. What gives Bromosapiens?
Play Big Head Bash Big Head Bash Jun. 01, 2012
This game is lag city with only 2 players in a game. I don't know how I'd do anything to make this game worth playing at the moment which is a shame, because I would like to be of use.
Play Zombie Last Night 2 Zombie Last Night 2 Apr. 26, 2012
For some reason the game won't let me use my keyboard.
Play Decision Decision Mar. 21, 2012
I always wonder why GD don't get someone to check their spelling and grammar. Because no matter how much you say you don't care about it, that kinda things really brings a game down.
Play This is the Only Level 3 This is the Only Level 3 Feb. 02, 2012
It's really not fair to other game developers that you continue to release games. Because, in all probability, everyone will love it and play it for days.
Play Hands of War Tower Defense Hands of War Tower Defense Jan. 30, 2012
This is a pretty good place to start a TD franchise but I think a few things need to be added/changed to make it really great. a) Having continuous waves should add some kind of bonus. b) The prices of towers needs to be contingent on how many towers are on the map, either that or add a "move tower function". c) Adding a paving option to free up space around the maps. d) It's a small thing but sometimes when you're trying to upgrade the warrior his constant lust for blood takes him on a rather annoying journey away from the mouse. Tying the upgrade button to the actual tile instead of the unit would help. e) Things that others have mentioned like attacking the closest to the exit and the Talent Points bug. Other than that, it's a fun game that I've been playing for a good few hours.
Play The Next Floor The Next Floor Aug. 21, 2011
Needs a 'Continue Playing' option.
Play Tankblitz Zero Tankblitz Zero Aug. 04, 2011
I have heat seeking missiles now. Cool... How do I use them?
Developer response from 3dleigh


Play Siegius Siegius May. 23, 2011
Needs more upgrades. It's all well and good to be able to create variants of a unit but maybe think about upgrades for speed/strength/cost for that whole group. And, as it's been said, fore-warning of the gold mines on the map would be nice. Also, I really hate it when there is content I can't have because of the site I'm playing on. It's not really fair. This game is addictive as hell, though, and I will keep playing.
Play Sieger: Level Pack Sieger: Level Pack May. 13, 2011
So incredibly sick of the hair-colour ad that keeps popping up at the start of loading a game. i want to kill Alan Safier.
Play Doodle God 2 Doodle God 2 May. 10, 2011
I don't know what you're talking about, Apple + cellphone = religion for me.
Play Elephant Quest Elephant Quest Apr. 13, 2011
The walkthrough is a bit brief don'tcha think? Maybe a walkthrough that explains all the quests? I think it's a necessity. I still can't find "Mr. Doo".
Play Insectonator Insectonator Apr. 08, 2011
Got all the awards and medals and guns... 96%?
Play Hands of War 2 Hands of War 2 Apr. 07, 2011
Too far away from save point Attack gang and die
Play Path of Honor: Chapter 1 Path of Honor: Chapter 1 Jan. 09, 2011
You think maybe it'd be a good idea if the quests told you who you got them from? Maybe the people who give quests could remind you about them instead of "how's the job"? And for crying out loud, make both weapons aim at the same place because the battles are tedious enough without having to try and shoot something that goes directly between your 2 weapons. This game get's more and more disappointing with every battle.
Play Path of Honor: Chapter 1 Path of Honor: Chapter 1 Jan. 09, 2011
Seriously the worst battle graphics I've ever seen. It's like you just gave up half way through making the game. It might be a 4/5 if the battles didn't look like a children's finger painting. 2/5