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Vampires have roamed the world for ages, a steady line of ancient demons passing their bloodthirst on to their successors - most losing their precious immortality at the hands of those very same successors. One vampire, however, has put an end to this self-destructive cycle. Ancient beyond measure, he has hand-picked his children from among the centuries and bound them to a common cause. For now a hunter with their blood stalks their daylight resting places and their rule over the night is in danger of being broken. Once loners and rebels, the vampires joined together to face this unprecedented threat.

The ancient one hoarded many dark, powerful items over the years, talismans that would lend his children vast and ancient power. The younger vampires took them, drinking in their strength like blood, less human with every breath.

The vampires stalked out into the night, bringing death to meet their enemies.
Characters (click card to see back)

Cornelius Constantine, the Suave

One glance into Cornelius Constantine's eyes and he'll wear down anyone's resistances, but no one can do the same to him.

Vulnerabilities: Light Magic Attacks, Speed

Cain Solomon, the Quarterback

Cain's got an immortal temper and Friday Night regrets, but turn up the light magic and you can score.

Strengths: Dark Magic Attacks, Physical Attacks
Vulnerabilities: Light Magic Attacks

Ambrosia Thorn, the Blood Worshiper

Ambrosia drains her enemies' lives with a kiss, but if they keep their distance they may avoid temptation.

Strengths: Self-Healing, Stunning
Vulnerabilities: Light Magic Attacks, Long Range Attacks
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Vampires r3

Marquis Le Morte, the Ancient

Marquis Le Morte is walking death. Hard to kill but even harder to kill with, he bleeds his victims dry a little at a time.

Strengths: Self-Healing, Dark Magic Defense
Vulnerabilities: Physical Attacks, Light Magic Attacks

Vanessa Voss, the Daywalker

Vanessa Voss is deadly to those who deal in dark magic, but dark magic might well be the death of her.

Strengths: Strongest Against Dark Magic, Self-Healing, Light Magic, Multi-Enemy Attacks
Vulnerabilities: Dark Magic Attacks
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Vampires originalVampires r2

Gem of Souls

The Gem is a wild card that sometimes does nothing (if you don't kill an enemy character) and sometimes sets up amazing situations for you.
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Vampires r1Vampires r2Vampires special


Most of the time the Phylactery does nothing, but when it comes through and gives you multiple extra lives, it seems incredibly powerful.
Editions Owned
Vampires r3

Blood Vial

The extra healing power of the Vial is a great help to Cornelius, Ambrosia, and Vanessa, but Cain actually likes to fight at low hit points and the Marquis probably gains enough health from his innate ability.

Necronomic Tomes

Ambrosia is notorious for liking the Tomes, but every Vampire enjoys their life draining ability.

Ring of Curses

You have to get hit to trigger the effect of the ring, so it's probably best on a life gaining character such as Ambrosia, Vanessa, or the Marquis.
Editions Owned
Vampires original