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Play Temple Tour Temple Tour Sep. 19, 2013
I fixed a critical bug which resulted in the high score not being submitted correctly. It works now, sorry for that ;-)
Play Gunslinger Gunslinger Sep. 18, 2013
I don't quite get it, when I am hit and when not. It seems somewhat random. There is a camera problem, when I hide and came up again from the hiding. Really nice game, I like the graphics and the sound :)
Play House in the Rain House in the Rain Sep. 17, 2013
You can definitely make something out of the box pushing, this can be very interesting for puzzles and exploration. But you have to work on your 3D models. Z-Fighting and even stairs with unmatching heights, that is really really bad ;-)
Developer response from M0ff3l

Today I uploaded the final version, and I improved a lot of things thanks to your comment. Thanks!

Play Heads will roll Heads will roll Sep. 17, 2013
Quite fun time killer, lacks some variety.
Play Third Person Shooter Third Person Shooter Sep. 17, 2013
Wow, really smooth animation on the character! Also the animation system is really well written, did you do it yourself? The game is a little short ;-)
Play Ball Battle Ball Battle Sep. 17, 2013
Quite interesting idea, but needs some improvement.
Play Sphere Maze Sphere Maze Mar. 15, 2013
Quite nice maze game, with an interesting twist. A little minimalistic though, regarding graphics and sound.
Play Get Off the Couch! Get Off the Couch! Mar. 09, 2013
I like the humor and the art, but the sound is a bit strange. The game itself is forgettable ;-)
Play Pong Fantasy Quest Pong Fantasy Quest Mar. 09, 2013
There are many games, that want to be an interesting twist on an existing game. But this one actually is :)
Play Heartography Heartography Mar. 09, 2013
The game is a nice mini game. The graphics, music and sound are ok. The game as such I don't quite get. Wouldnt be the best move to simply keep reshuffling until you get endpieces and then let the opponent bleed to death?
Developer response from soulareus

That can be a good idea in some cases. However, you win the game by having the most points, not necessarily the most blood. So if you cap off all your pieces early, your opponent has a chance to complete longer veins. Completed vein pieces count towards your total score at the end so you can win even if you are the first to run out of blood. This game is primarily designed as a 2 player game, but if you are playing against the computer, your ultimate goal is to get the most points and compete with other players on the leaderboards.

Play curious me curious me Mar. 09, 2013
The game works for me, but I have the same issues with the resolution. Keep it down in the Browser. The game itself is quite good. The animations and the assets are quite well made, the controls of the bird are great. If you did this all by yourself, it a really astonishing feat. The game itself is a little mediocre, just flying around and collecting, but the controls are so good that even this is fun. The main problem I have is that the frames per second drop rapidly as soon as I look in a certain direction. Which is strange since even Crysis runs on high specs on my machine ;-) You have to reduce polygons, drawcalls, real time lighting or whatever.
Play Parkour Challenge Parkour Challenge Mar. 09, 2013
The game Window is way to big, I can't completely fit it in my Computer screen. A fullscreenmode would be nice, and you should hide the mouse. The game as such is a typical "my first game". Except for the music. Why would you do this? Anyway, keep creating games, you will become better at it.
Developer response from demun94

Idk. I'll make a better game next time.

Play Dumb Knight Dumb Knight Mar. 06, 2013
Ok, I found the remove funktion, just click the field the block is standing on. Now I feel dumb ;-)
Play Dumb Knight Dumb Knight Mar. 06, 2013
Is there a resetbutton to reset a level, or maybe a possibility to remove a wrongly placed block? Besides this, fun and well made puzzle game. Music is good, graphics are likable.
Play Eleventh Hour Eleventh Hour Mar. 04, 2013
This is nice, I like you art style!
Play Black Rose Black Rose Mar. 04, 2013
First of all, you art assets and sounds are great, really good quality. But the whole setting looks a little bit to "clean". The only thing dirty looking are the cellar textures and even the coffin looks brand new. You should completely cut the text menu "monologue lines" of the main character. They break the action and the immersion and transfer nothing you aren't already transferring with your already great atmosphere. The flicker of the flashlight is really seizure inducing, you should definitely change that in some way.
Developer response from Vaxxer

Well thank you for the feedback. I was actually a little worried about the flickering, I'll make it a little less extreme. I also agree with you on the 'cleanliness' of the setting, and I would change that, but unfortunately those are things I can't really replace. This game was mainly experimental, and I'm just trying to get a good idea of what people like in a horror game. Again, thanks for the feedback!

Play Monster Herder Monster Herder Mar. 04, 2013
Nice idea, but not really playable. The monsters look good and scary, the sound effects and atmospheric sound are good, but where I am supposed to lead the monster to? After wandering into the darkness, I never again found the cage. And why is the Flashlight beeing taken down when running? The game is dark enough as it is.
Developer response from Neji107

Thanks for the feedback! You actually start out in front of the pen, and it is marked by a giant tower with lights. I will mention it in the description, just in case...

Play Paralax Paralax Mar. 04, 2013
I pushed a box over the edge, couldt finish the game... needs a restart button.
Play Fast Attack Fast Attack Mar. 04, 2013
I second the "needs upgrades". You write that you wanted to convey the feeling of speed, but the game feels rather sluggish. And I constantly miss the enemy ships, although I fire directly at them (the shots seem to pass them left and right, maybe to little Hit Boxes?).
Play Surf Bum Surf Bum Mar. 01, 2013
This is funny and has unique controls. The coin sounds could be more... coiny ;-)