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Play Trimps Trimps Jul. 12, 2015
When you import you beta save more than once, you get the points back with the previously bought bonuses still in, but the only bonuses that are actually in effect are the most recent ones put in
Play Trimps Preview Trimps Preview Jul. 03, 2015
A way to automate the trap production would be nice. My queue is always full of traps, so anytime I wish to build anything else I have to either wait for the traps to be done or cancel the traps in the queue. A way to give priority to items might help this. The ability to see bought upgrades would be nice as well
Play Realm Grinder Realm Grinder Jun. 24, 2015
The "Purchased Upgrades" is quite large for what it does (which is essentially a button to hide the purchased upgrades, there's no need to tell the players where the purchased upgrades are at; it is obvious). I would suggest either moving the option to hide those upgrades to the options screen or to change the buttons size to be that of one or two upgrades large
Play Realm Grinder Realm Grinder Jun. 01, 2015
Love these new updates!
Play Realm Grinder Realm Grinder May. 29, 2015
The demons upgrade "Demonic Presence" doesn't seem to increase the production of Hell portals by .5% per other building but rather by .05% per other building
Developer response from DivineGames

This used to be the case a few updates ago, now it should give the proper 0.5% bonus per other building.

Play Realm Grinder Realm Grinder May. 28, 2015
There aren't enough "fun" upgrades. With the exception of the faction upgrades, all the others are very predictable and bland. More unlockable upgrades such as the Auto-Cast or the True Neutrality upgrades that don't fit into any pattern of upgrades (like the many double productions) would really add a lot of color to the game. More things should also carry though soft resets, i.e. things such as the effectiveness of the elven faction spell shouldn't be by the clicks of the current game, but rather of the entire game; that would give the game much more replay value (even if you do nerf things in order to compensate). Overall, I really enjoy this game
Play Time Clickers Time Clickers May. 13, 2015
I'm still hoping for the day when the full update is released on Kongregate...
Developer response from Kenzie55

With Update 0.9.10 Artifacts are now available on Kongregate.

Play Time Clickers Time Clickers Apr. 30, 2015
This game could've easily been the top idle game on Kongregate with several million gameplays by now if artifacts were introduced
Developer response from Kenzie55

You are right, as of update 0.9.10 Artifacts are now available on Kongregate.

Play Soldado de Elite Soldado de Elite Apr. 14, 2015
'Failed to download data file', I am getting an error. Using Chrome if that matters
Play Waver Waver Apr. 14, 2015
A nice simple game, however the odd controls are a bit hard to use since the mouse is used to both aim your shots and move your character; I would recommend the simple and common wasd where w is up, a left, s down, and d right and using the mouse only to aim the shots. A stage boundary would also be nice just because it would be such simple feature to add not having hurts you. 3/5, to get anything higher you just need something to make it more unique
Play Slim World Slim World Apr. 05, 2015
It's nearly pointless to upgrade the swords more than three to five times. All the upgrading does is bring the ratio of metal to attackPoints from 5:attackPoints closer to 4:attackPoints, the efficiency gain from 5+ levels is so small it's hardly worth it. The only reason you'd upgrade past 5 is if your forgeman can't keep up with the miner. This to is hardly a reason because the lower tier material, the only material you'll gain a noticeable surplus of even after day idling, becomes to inefficient in terms of wood usage per attack point to continue making weapons out of. Turning those off, 5 levels each is plenty to take care of any surplus
Play RPG Mo RPG Mo Jan. 25, 2015
This game is much better than it first appears. One thing to note is that you should activate mods ASAP, they help out the game A LOT. To activate them hover your mouse over the archway icon in the top right, look at the bottom of the list and select the mods one. Once there, click the "select all" button and then "load selected".
Play Tangerine Tycoon Tangerine Tycoon Jan. 25, 2015
Two thirds the world population is dead, yet the tangerine market is still reaching new heights...
Play Red Remover Player Pack Red Remover Player Pack Aug. 31, 2014
There should be restart button, having to pause the game than restart is an unessesary pain
Play Invert Selection Invert Selection Aug. 12, 2014
I am getting a black screen instead of the game while using Chrome
Play Helixteus Helixteus Aug. 03, 2014
I cant seem to speed up ship production, I can see the inventory screen and click on the item, but there's no "use" button
Developer response from Apple0726

Only energy balls can speed up ship construction/travelling.

Play Imperium Imperium Jul. 28, 2014
There's no background or introduction to the game, I have no idea what I'm doing or how to play. A tutorial would raise this game's rating tremendously
Play Jelly Lift Jelly Lift Jul. 24, 2014
It would make more sense if the lobby button was on the bottom and the button room button above it, etc, because the tower is like that (lobby on bottom)
Play Idle Tree Idle Tree Jul. 18, 2014
The game works in firefox but I only get a black screen in chrome
Play AdVenture Capitalist AdVenture Capitalist Jun. 24, 2014
Regarding reset: a full reset is a bad idea, as many people don't care about the scoreboards and thence wouldn't be understanding of the reset. Introducing a new feature (or multiple) for those who like the scoreboards would be the way to go.
Developer response from HyperHippoGames

Thanks for your feedback. These are definitely the players we're keeping in mind as we mull the idea over. Right now I'm leaning toward "no", but I would like to keep collecting more feedback.