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Stable Boy

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Aug. 15, 2012

Rating: 23

2/2: Skulls -> guy at SEQ -> coin. Rope -> guy in red NQ -> lasso. Alibi -> guy in SEC -> broom. Give cucumbers toy guy at C entrance. Use shovel in centre of the circle of bushes -> token. Find lute in bush straight south of ST entrance. Use coin in well. Give 3x wolves to guy in orange beard in ST to get token. Lute -> guy in pink south of square -> token. Give sack to sacking guy SWT -> token. Use shovel on middle grave north of town -> bones. Give reveal potion and bones to old man SWC -> token. Tokens -> man on mat WC -> scroll Give scroll to wise man EC. Give scroll to wizard NT. Kill dragon -> tooth. Endings: 1) kill horse east of town. 2) lasso horse -> talk to leader NWT. 3) Give broom to priest SET, give burn notice to woman ET. 4) Give tooth to dragon hunter at square.

Stable Boy

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Aug. 15, 2012

Rating: 26

SPOILER: For a grand total of 102% and all endings: (Directions: T=town C=camp Q=town square o=of so SEoQ=south east of sqare etc) 1/2: Stick on path from ST entrance. Stick -> guy in NWT -> new stick. Find shovel in chest in C. Kill +collect fox and 3 wolves. Collect 3 poops in WT, use on pile -> poopy hand. Dead fox -> guy close to well in T -> cough medicine -> granpa NWC -> key. Key -> chest WT -> sword -> merchant WT -> string -> blue guy NQ -> fishing pole. Fishing pole in lake SoT -> fish -> cat WT -> farm guy SWT -> sickle. Use sickle on 2 cucumber in NE town and 3 hay in mud EoT. Shovel on crack in mud EoT -> revealing potion. Hay to guy with hay house near well -> stick/string combo -> green guy NQ -> bow. Use bow to kill barbarians in cave NEoT, collect 3 skulls, key, sack. Kill blemmeyes in cave SEoT, collect alibi, use key on chest -> rope.

World of Mutants 2: Reincarnation

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Jul. 16, 2012

Rating: 36

Interesting game mechanics, and fun game to play initially, but it would benefit from more upgrades, such as individual upgrades for each weapon: Firing speed, damage, number of projectiles, projectile speed (missilegun). It would be great if every weapon still had advantages and disadvantages fully upgraded. Maybe the first gun would be a precision weapon with high damage but still low firing speed, the shotgun have many projectiles and decent fire rate, but only do real damage up close, etc. That way each player could upgrade to fit his/her playing style. And the laser gun is missing ;) It would also be nice with more upgrades for the clones, maybe they could heal, auto-target, make critical hits, poison damage and other clever things, so you could upgrade them fully instead of the weapons, and still kick some serious behind. Of course more upgrades would mean that you would have to level faster as well to be able to get them all without replaying missions for ages ;)

Punk-o-matic 2

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Jul. 26, 2010

Rating: 0

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Jun. 04, 2010

Rating: 4

It's hard to motivate completing some quests, I'm thinking of the ones that require a lot of grinding. For example, one of the later quests for 10 Lava Elemental Eyes. There seems to be a 10-20% chance of getting Lava Elemental Eyes after killing a Lava Elemental, so after grinding about 50-100 Elementals, and collecting the 10 Eyes, you get the staggering reward of 400 Exp and 750 Gold. Killing just one Lava Elemental gives over 400 Exp, so if you have killed Lava Elementals of at least 20000-40000 Exp, the reward isn't really worth anything. Long, tedious quests should have suitable rewards.