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Play Stressful Joe Stressful Joe Jul. 29, 2015
The music's nice. The game itself's not very original and the rotation controls are a bit slow later on.
Play Kingdom of Liars 2 Kingdom of Liars 2 Jul. 11, 2015
"Well, he doesn't look too happy" *click* "Good." Epic.
Play Clouds Clouds Jul. 07, 2015
Pretty cool game, though the music creeped me out a bit.
Play life, undeath life, undeath Jun. 13, 2015
Even when I killed all the zombies or only killed the strongest ones, the ending was the same. I'm disappointed.
Play Alphaland Alphaland Jun. 13, 2015
I was telling my friends sitting next to me about how philosophical and slightly creepy this game is. And then the jump power-up sound played. '-'
Play 'Til Cows Tear Us Apart 'Til Cows Tear Us Apart May. 30, 2015
Honestly, I expected Quanee's directions when Nora lost her vision to be the Konami code. I'm not sure if I'm disappointed with the game or myself for that idea right now.
Developer response from ThePixelHunt

I also thought about it, but I ended up making a Space Chanel 5 reference instead :)

Play Vulpin Adventure Vulpin Adventure Apr. 19, 2015
It was a lot of fun, but def was ridiculously OP.
Play Hero's Adventure Hero's Adventure Apr. 07, 2015
Wow. So refreshing.
Play Depressed Factory Worker Depressed Factory Worker Apr. 07, 2015
How are there games with meaning that get 3 stars and this thing with 2,4 on the same page. What would anyone like about this game?
Play The Empty Kingdom The Empty Kingdom Apr. 07, 2015
Cute little game.
Play Loneliness Loneliness Apr. 07, 2015
I think not just Koreans can relate. This is what loneliness feels like, everything is lively from far away, but when you get closer that joy disperses from around you. Great game.
Play The Value of Time The Value of Time Apr. 07, 2015
It seems that when I click too many times too quickly, the attempt resets - I keep my previous helpers, but nothing I did during that attempt is saved. It first occured on level 5 and now level 8 is borderline unbeatable, because I need to press the 20 button slowly so it doesn't reset and I seem to only have one available helper at a time on this lvl. Too frustrating to continue playing. 2/5 at this point, because the part that worked was promising.
Play Easy Joe Easy Joe Apr. 07, 2015
The color combination of purple and green kinda makes me want to cry, but that's more of a pet peeve of mine than an actual complaint. Otherwise, nice and quick game.
Play FIVE FIVE Apr. 07, 2015
It's really cool. I liked it even better than Continuity itself. Great climate. But as others pointed out before, it really lacks visual indicators, especially for new blocks. The little numbers in the corners that show that there are keys in the room could be a bit more visible too.
Play Thrones of Fantasy Thrones of Fantasy Apr. 06, 2015
By Your League, you start getting so much exp from each arena battle that you end up getting hundreds of levels at a time, which really lags the game. Also, they're so easy to take down that it only takes one cleave to kill them.
Play Frozen Islands Frozen Islands Apr. 04, 2015
I've been dying over and over on the last pre-boss island for a while, so I decided that since I apparently don't stand a chance there, I might as well at least see the final boss. To my surprise, I beat him with 2/3 of my units surviving.
Play The Peacekeeper The Peacekeeper Mar. 15, 2015
I wonder if this was inspired by the Red vs Blue series, because the characters are really alike.
Play Dreamscapes the Sandman Dreamscapes the Sandman Feb. 24, 2015
Seriously needs item descriptions. I would've had no idea what to do with what turned out to be rust remover had there been no hints.
Play Find The Candy Find The Candy Feb. 23, 2015
On the level with the ferris wheel there is a button in the lower right corner. You're welcome.
Play Barn Yarn Barn Yarn Feb. 23, 2015
Pretty enjoyable. Though most objects reappeared in the exact same spots, so it soon became an exercise in memory more than spotting the objects. My advice - make the positions more random. Bigger scenes may help with that.