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Play Frozen Islands Frozen Islands May. 07, 2015
This game does not need a player, actually.
Play Fireboy and Watergirl Kiss Fireboy and Watergirl Kiss May. 04, 2015
I never played this game.
Play Frontier Frontier Jan. 31, 2015
Well, ok, I tried to capture your city, but it seems that your defenses are stronger than my ship. Let's say I'll give you 1,000 bucks and we'll call it even? Yes, I've got that narcotics cargo worth 1,000,000 which I am going to sell on your local drug market, any problem with that?
Play Seedling Seedling Dec. 04, 2014
Fantastic. Reminded me of the "good old times". I think it does NOT need a map, the world is not THAT large. We are just used to such features nowadays. If you are really not able to find your way: Have you tried pen and paper? Hey, be retro, like this game! ;)
Play Bubble Tanks Arenas Bubble Tanks Arenas Jul. 20, 2014
Bad, bad game for this series. It is so silly to build large tanks - they will totally lose against a quick little ships. And I think it is not a matter of gun points, as many comments say, but it is just badly balanced and too much focused on this build your own tank thing. If you want the hard badge, a quick little ships with one bubble and many light guns will do the job. Life drain seems crucial. The rest is just grinding - some of the levels are really stupid and just kill your time.
Play Wooden Path Wooden Path Jul. 20, 2014
I must admit that I disgust the silly music in this game. Nevertheless, it is a great game. The levels were really tricky! After a first quick capitulation I continued playing this game from time to time over a longer period, and finally it seems that I got the hang of it :) So if you are stuck, try other levels and come back later. You will soon learn how this works and master the hard badge ;)
Play UpBot Goes Up UpBot Goes Up Jul. 20, 2014
I played this game from time to time over a year or so. Now I am very proud to have all levels solved, finally ;) Some of them are really tricky, and the right moves are not always so obvious. So do not hesitate to experiment, and take some time :)
Play Escape From 26 Escape From 26 Jul. 20, 2014
Very, very beautifully designed. I missed some depth in the story, though. I expected the riddles to be more complex for such a small, limited world. I just wish for a sequel or a prequel ... this was not the only cage in that world, right?
Play Z-Rox Z-Rox Feb. 27, 2014
Thanks CristianC36. I used your list to get through all 100 levels twice or thrice, just to memorize the symbols, and after that the random attack badge was no problem any more.
Play Valthirian Arc 2 Valthirian Arc 2 Feb. 14, 2014
Hint for grouping students by class: Rename them and put the class name before the name, like A for Arquebusier, and so on. If you have a priority team, put numbers before their names.
Play Bot Arena 3 Bot Arena 3 Feb. 12, 2014
"Don't save, just exit" - best button in this game
Play a Grain of Truth a Grain of Truth Oct. 16, 2013
HTML 5 rocks. Forget Flash. ASAP! ;-)
Play Cube Colossus Cube Colossus Oct. 15, 2013
Nice game! Some wishes: (1) the font should be larger, (2) I would like to optionally disable all story dialogues, (3) I would like to disable the chain break message, (4) I would like in-game messages not to appear exactly on my damn ship.
Play Cyber Chaser Cyber Chaser Oct. 12, 2013
Fun. The hard badge is about pressing 'up' for about 15 minutes if you have all upgrades. Seems that this could go on infinitely.
Play Robot Dinosaurs That Shoot Beams When They Roar Robot Dinosaurs That Shoot Beams When They Roar Sep. 09, 2013
Nice! Why is this game so short??
Play Castaway 2 Castaway 2 Aug. 18, 2013
The music is a real pain in the xyz. Glad you can turn it off.
Play Dawn of the Dragons Dawn of the Dragons Jun. 15, 2013
Fullscreen mode in Mozilla: Cursor position seems to be shifted by the height of the menu bar. Unplayable like this. Please fix.
Play American Racing American Racing May. 20, 2013
If you just stop and let the other cars pass, they will go on round for round infinitely. Good boys. Really dedicated.
Play American Racing American Racing May. 20, 2013
Ok, got the hard badge. I was really glad that the slalom and haddock challenges are not required for that. The difficulty seems not well balanced.
Play Redshift Redshift Feb. 05, 2013
Very sad to see that a multiplayer game of good potential, which has gotten a lot of positive feedback and good ideas from the community, is just abandoned by the developers. Whatever they are doing right now - obviously they are not interested anymore in the players. The small community that is left seems to be nearly extinct. Nevertheless, they will still let you buy premium ships :P